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Nintendo DSI

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Reviews and Problems with Nintendo DSI

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Overall 9
Addiction 9

Nintendo DSi System Review

Cheat Code Central
20 December 2012

Nintendo DSi - Review 2010

19 August 2010
  • Excerpt: For us and many of you readers, this week is that bad of return from vacation. Others, however, starting this weekend or the first week of September, and especially to them that we dedicate this article first post-vacation. Those who travel on holiday does not want to carry around a pen and paper, those who hate the sudoku, those "holiday is relaxing", who "I like platforms, point-and-click adventures and - yes - casual games too", can find today the product that was...
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Overall 7

Nintendo DSi

6 September 2009
  • Summary: While not all previous DS owners should upgrade, the DSi is an ambitious and solidly designed portable gaming system.
  • Pros: Adds two larger screens; two 0.3-megapixel cameras; a bit thinner than the DS Lite; exclusive access to the DSi Shop for downloadable games and applications.
  • Cons: No longer supports Game Boy Advance games; lower battery life than its predecessor; Internet security settings are buried and confusing.
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Overall 7

Nintendo DSi

PC Magazine
2 September 2009
  • Conclusion: The New Nintendo DSi is a lot of fun, but, like the Nintendo Wii, it's not for the hardcore gamer.
  • Pros: Improved Wi-Fi access. Dual cameras. SD Card Slot.
  • Cons: No Game Boy Advance slot. Small library of downloadable games.
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Overall 9

Hardware Review: Nintendo DSi

19 June 2009
  • Excerpt: As the second overhaul of the Nintendo DS design, the DSi is less about cosmetic changes and more about functionality. The DS Lite was smaller, brighter, and more attractive than the original clunky DS hardware, but the DSi focuses more on its built-in camera and internet features than anything else. Before you turn the system on, the most obvious additions are the two cameras.
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Nintendo DSi Review

Hardware Secrets
15 June 2009
  • Excerpt: When Nintendo came out with their DS handheld gaming system, the dual-screen (DS), touch screen and microphone were revolutionary. Now Nintendo has introduced a new entry in the DS line – the Nintendo DSi. The “i”  or “eye” represents the addition of two cameras. The Nintendo DS Lite is still available at $129.00. The new DSi is currently selling for $169. We decided check out the advantages of the new Nintendo the DSi to see if it is worth the extra cost.
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Overall 9

Nintendo DSi system

AV Club
13 April 2009
Overall 9

Nintendo DSi

10 April 2009
  • Summary: Nintendo is ready to start printing some money again, as the release for the super successful DS follow-up, the DSi, hit American soil earlier this month (April). The Nintendo DSi is a sure bet to build on the unprecedented success of the DS Lite, which was introduced back in 2006. Nearly 60 million units later, Nintendo is going to release what it claims is an alternative -- not a replacement -- to the DS, but that's more public-relations-speak than fact.
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Overall 8

Nintendo DSi Review

8 April 2009
  • Excerpt: Nintendo isn’t known for upgrading systems without reason, and the new DSi adds considerable power to the company’s handheld line. Fresh features like brighter/bigger screens, Secure Digital (SD) Memory card support and twin digital cameras prove cool introductions, just to start. But the system’s real strength comes in its downloadable games shop – something that might help players forget about the unit’s dropped GameBoy Advance support, and the fact it’ll be a mostly...
  • Pros: Intuitive to use; fun multimedia options; slick WiFi gaming; online shop
  • Cons: Weak camera; no editing of non-DSi photos; lacks GameBoy Advance support; limited music compatibility
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The toy that roared: Ars reviews the DSi

Ars Technica
6 April 2009
  • Conclusion: Let's take a look at some of the games available right now on DSiWare. The opening-day game collection is rather lukewarm, but Nintendo will begin offering new games every week, so there will likely be at least a few games to get excited about by the time you read this on Monday. Here's what's available for launch. WarioWare: Snapped The standard variety of minigames, with the standard craziness. We know the formula, although for $5 this one is hard to pass up.
  • Pros: Solid hardware, feels thinner and more serious in your hand, Larger, clearer screen, SDHC support out of the box, making storage a non-issue, DSiWare service as easy to use as the Virtual Console and WiiWare, $10 worth of free games, and a free Web browser available now, Listen to your music, take audio notes, Two cameras gives you some neat image-editing options, as well as fun possibilities for game play
  • Cons: Shorter battery life, Only supports AAC files for music, Buying games online isn't nearly as zippy as it could be, Image-editing features and music effects little more than a briefly-entertaining toy, No support for video, Can't load games off SDHC cards, Trying to figure out what will be cut/added to the Nintendo DSi Lite
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