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Sony PlayStation Move motion controller

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Reviews and Problems with Sony PlayStation Move motion controller

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Overall 8

Move with the move..

belhaj, J&R
10 May 2011
  • Summary: ..The new generation ps3 controller..I actually love it, work perfect, easy to use and hard to put down..its confortble in hand..makes u feel that you're ready to play any game.. i used it on sharpshooter gun and its just awesome.
  • Pros: Easy To Use, Fast Setup, Improved Game Play
  • Cons: Clumsy Design
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Overall 8

Usefull and easy to use

y2juanka, J&R
16 March 2011
  • Summary: only lacks the telescopic sight
  • Pros: Easy To Use, Fast Setup
  • Cons: None
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Overall 8

Sony PlayStation Move Controller: Good Tech, where are the games?

autumnleaf, Dooyoo
14 October 2012
  • Summary: Is motion control a fad? Are we seeing a move away from using such peripherals for gameplay? After recent releases of both the Move controller and the Microsoft Kinect camera, they appear to have yielded little more than party games and shallow gameplay experiences, it can be questioned whether or not such peripherals have much of a place for the more hardcore gamers.
  • Pros: Impressive tracking capabilities
  • Cons: Not much use for hardcore gamers
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Overall 7

User Review

mr marcus, CNET
2 May 2012
  • Summary: I think I will need to buy a USB hub once get this for my PS3. Currently, I run the PlayTV, an external HDD, and now I'll need to plug in the camera, plus the controllers on the occasion for recharging. That's a lot of USB power there. I just wish Sony had installed several (4 - 6) ports on the back of the PS3, then let remain 4 ports on the front. With all these new devices requiring the two USB at the front, It's becoming quite a mess of cables.
  • Pros: Great design, awesome possiblities if developers really get behind the tech
  • Cons: Most PS3's only have 2 USB ports, even the models with 4 really push the boundry.
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Overall 8

Sony PlayStation Move Controller: Playstation Move. You wont be Dis-appointed

Daytona675_2011, Dooyoo
20 March 2011
  • Summary: Fun to use and very accurate in terms of direction and sensitivity but lacks the games to support it at the moment and can be frustrating at times. The first thing to note about the Playstation Move is it is quite expensive to put a set together. The starter pack comes with the camera and a move controller, on top of that you will want either a thumb stick adapter or at least another move motion controller. Expect to pay another £30 for this.
  • Pros: Good Sensitivity, No need for a huge living room, fun games
  • Cons: Limited games available, expensive to start with.
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Overall 8

Sony PlayStation Move Controller: A big step up for PS3

louise12112, Dooyoo
2 January 2011
  • Summary: This to me is a big step for PS3. The controller has in built sensors so that when the PS move button is pressed it syncs with the PS3. It can be used similar to a wii controller and navigate around the menu. But more importantly it can be used to bring games to a new level of enjoyment. When playing a game, you will know that the controller is connected when the ball at the top changes colour. For each controller the colour of the ball will be different.
  • Pros: sensitive, connects easily to PS3, easy to set up
  • Cons: expensive
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Overall 8

"No Kinect... we actually want buttons"

Hurdenish, Dooyoo
19 December 2010
  • Summary: When the Move controllers were announced I was stunned be the demo and pre release footage, real swordplay in your living room. Fantastic. When it was finally released I ordered my Move controller immediately. The navigational control seemed expensive and unnecessary at first so I left that for later. The controller itself us typical of Sony quality. Great feeling satin finish plastics that are light but feel substantial.
  • Pros: Amazingly accurate, and very cool
  • Cons: Very few good games as yet
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Overall 8

Sony PlayStation Move Controller: The future of gaming!

stumac14, Dooyoo
23 November 2010
  • Summary: The sony move controller has not onlny caught up with the wii in terms of next generation gaming, that is the ability to interect further with the console than the previous methods of wired or wireless hand held button controllers, it has surpassed the wii's efforts by creating a physical controllers that (with the aid of the golf ball like device on top) can sense movements through 360 degrees.
  • Pros: A higher level of gameplay interaction
  • Cons: Looks a bit odd!
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Overall 8

On the move

paulworth, Dooyoo
9 November 2010
  • Summary: Wow the PlayStation move is here and i love it. when it came out i bought the move controller plus a navigational controller with with sports champions witch i got hooked to frisby golf and played it non stop' my arms was hurting so bad for ages i cant really review the rest of the game because all i play is frisby golf.
  • Pros: easy to use
  • Cons: not to relax with
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Overall 8

Sony PlayStation Move Controller: Sony's entry into Motion-Control

MattLee, Dooyoo
19 October 2010
  • Summary: Playstation Move is Sony's attempt at stealing some of the motion controlling market from Nintendo and their Wii console. The first thing to note is that to make use of this controller, you will need a PlayStation Eye that retails for about £25 online or as part of a package with this controller for between £40 and £45. The camera is then connected to the PS3 console and placed in the centre of the TV - either above or below the screen.
  • Pros: Incredible accuracy plus tracking in 3D space
  • Cons: Initial setup could be smoother. Needs more compatible games.
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