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Saitek X52 Flight Control System
6.3 out of 10

Saitek X52 Flight Control System

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Reviews and Problems with Saitek X52 Flight Control System

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Overall 6

Worked great for a day

Corey B., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: Good HOTAS, I may have just gotten the runt of the litter
  • Pros: Lots of options for button layout. Creating profiles for mapping key bindings to buttons and customization is great.
  • Cons: After about a day the twist function started getting "twitchy", while in the neutral position it would start sending a signal like it was being twisted to the right very rapidly which made playing some games very difficult, if not impossible.
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Overall 6

Nice when it works!

DAVID P., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: In Windows 10 this thing keeps disconnecting and re-connecting leading to un-responsiveness while playing games. Every time I plug it into a different USB port I need to manually specify the drivers. I have tried both USB 2 and USB 3 ports, directly into my MB as well as via a powered USB hub.
  • Pros: - compatible with many games - illuminated so easy to see buttons in the dark - suction cups to keep it from lifting of the desk
  • Cons: - software and driver support is horrible
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Overall 6

Great product but they need to update their windows 10 drivers

Eric D., Newegg
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Would recommend but with the warning that this can turn into a decidedly not plug and play device so if you know how to poke around the OS and search for solutions to problems go for it otherwise I would look for a setup from a company with a better track history of reliable drivers.
  • Pros: Great stick, responsive, can be adjusted to fit your hand and the software allows multiple configurations and macros with in a single profile.
  • Cons: Software/Driver support is lacking but this isn't too surprising it is saitek/madcatz. The latest windows 10 update broke the drivers which has lead to actual BSODs in windows 10 when switching profiles or disconnecting the joystick.
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Overall 10

Great prodcut

Carlos C., Newegg
11 January 2016
  • Summary: So I play Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen(Alpha). Those games I would use my xbox one controller, for some reason I still found it hard to fly and dogfight with the controller, keyboard and mouse is literally impossible for me. Using this Saitek, Man alive!
  • Pros: -sturdy -good grip -led lights -aesthetics
  • Cons: -gotta put it away once i'm done lol
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Overall 2

Doesn't work!

george m., Newegg
15 December 2015
  • Summary: disappointed and frustrated. nothing makes me madder than a bogus product and a complete lack of support..
  • Pros: Looks cool
  • Cons: Cannot even get past driver install. Terrible product! Shame on you Saitek/Madcatz. Want to call customer support? Guess what- BOTH PHONE NUMBERS printed inside the packaged literature are NOT IN SERVICE. A quick google search will reveal that a TON of people are having similar issues. Driver ins...
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Overall 4

Bad drivers for USB 3.0

Steven T., Newegg
13 December 2015
  • Summary: If they fixed the USB problem with the install software and fixed the throttle from breaking it would be a great HOTAS set up.
  • Pros: Good customer support, feels good in your hand. when it worked on my old MB it was great.
  • Cons: First one had the throttle break. Then I got a new MB with USB 3.0 ports and the trouble started. Could not load the driver software with out crashing my computer. MONTHS of trouble shooting it's a known issue where people disabled their USB 3.0 ports in order t install it. No thanks I sold it an...
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Overall 8

Good product

George K., Newegg
21 November 2015
  • Summary: Improved my experience and enjoyment of Elite: Dangerous tenfold over the mouse and keyboard.
  • Pros: A robust control system. Everything you need to optimize your enjoyment of flight simulators. Saitek's software includes profiles for many popular games, with the ability to tweak as needed.
  • Cons: Quality is good, though the control system is lighter than I expected. Includes suction cups for keeping the base/s in place on your desk. These aren't ideal if you plan to add and remove the control system from your desk or work space as needed.
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Overall 6

Great stick while it lasts

Jeff G., Newegg
21 November 2015
  • Summary: I really wish they built this better. No one seems to be making a HOTAS with good build quality and a twist rudder on the stick.
  • Pros: Bought this a little over a year ago to play Elite Dangerous. It really makes the game more fun and easier to play. Lots of buttons. Twist rudder.
  • Cons: Mouse stick on throttle got erratic and unusable within 6 months had to turn it off. After 9 months some of the LEDs started getting intermittent. Now one of the buttons that gets used a lot is getting intermittent.
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Overall 10

Very comfortable!

Anonymous, Newegg
2 November 2015
  • Summary: Love how it replicates the Airbus joystick nicely.
  • Pros: I think the lighting and control surfaces are fantastic. Both the stick and throttle are very durable and the twist rudder replaces the pedals for me. I feel like I am using manual transmission instead of automatic, put it that way.
  • Cons: While the stick and throttle are amazing, the only thing I would have loved to see is an easier way to program this outside of the simulatior with the driver and software. Also, be sure to use the latest drivers online! (people who use 5 year old cd roms that come in thr box are stupid).
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Overall 10

So far, So good, Very good!

austin d., Newegg
6 October 2015
  • Summary: Functionally this is a perfect X52 Pro. Being a day one review I feel that I will update this in the future. After six months I should know how good mine really is. Considering this stick has been manufactured since 2004 (the standard model at least) and owners from back then still use it today I...
  • Pros: -Works, and I know this is a problem with some unlucky buyers. -Drivers and software were a simple install -Lovely brightness slider for MFD and LEDs (great for darker rooms I imagine, they can be pretty bright at the default max setting) along with being able to change their color. -Comfortable ...
  • Cons: -A couple of the buttons on the throttle specifically are difficult to reach comfortably while also using the throttle. (Size of your hand may change this) -Before I used the suction cups the units were noticeably top heavy
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