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Fisher & Paykel RF175WCRUX1

Fisher & Paykel RF175WCRUX1

Introducing our new RF175 Active Smart™ refrigerators, offering Read more

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Product Info
Introducing our new RF175 Active Smart™ refrigerators, offering new features that lead the market in innovation without sacrificing functionality. Features include Energy Star status, full extension freezer & produce drawers with individual bins and gallon door shelves, and internal water filtration.
Stainless Steel
Consumption Data
Premium Energy Efficiency - Energy star Energy usage (kWh/yr) 440
EZKleen Stainless Steel EZKleen Stainless Steel A revolutionary new finish - EZKleen is an invisable protective layer that doesn't alter the lustre and beauty of stainless steel, but enables it to be easily and readily cleaned with a simple solution of warm soapy water. Bottom mount freezer Door opening Available left & right Silver Prepaint Cabinet Aluminium trims
1 year Manufacturer's Warranty Additional Limited 4 year Sealed Refrigeration System
Cantilever glass shelves 2 Cantilever glass shelves Cantilevered for easy height adjustment and interior cleaning. Static glass shelves 1 Full extension freezer drawer Full extension freezer drawer Provides an ergonomic solution to frozen food storage. Full extension runners Full-width gallon door shelves 1 Half- width door shelves 4 Covered door shelves 2 Ice bin and scoop Freezer bins 2 Counter depth Humidity controlled half-width crisper bins 2 Humidity controlled half-width crisper bins In the sealed fruit and vegetable bins, water vapour from fruit and vegetables condenses on the humidity control lid. The small channels in the humidity control lid allow water to be channeled away to the back of the bin, where the water droplets then evaporate. The advantage of a humidity control lid is to seal the bins and prevent water dripping back down onto the fruit and vegetables, which would eventually result in discoloration and rotting. Front rollers Front levelling feet Adjustment screws
Performance Features
ActiveSmart™ system ActiveSmart™ system ActiveSmart™ has two variable speed fans which provide faster cooling and freezing with an even temperature throughout each level. ActiveSmart™ continuously adjust the flow of cold air based on daily use and climatic conditions, ensuring it quickly reaches the safe temperature for maintaining optimal food freshness. Built in ice maker Internal filtration system Internal filtration system Located the top rear of the refrigerator providing easy accessibility for replacement External Water Dispenser External Water Dispenser Enjoy the healthy benefits of cold, filtered water at the touch of a button through a fully plumbed in water dispenser. Our innovative water dispenser design takes up no room in the door, giving you maximum space for food storage. Electronic Interface Electronic Interface All Active Smart features can be accessed through the external controls. Fast Freeze provides rapid freezing and Bottle Chill offers a timed chilling function Fast Freeze Bottle chill Frost Free Frost Free Never have to manually defrost again Humidity Control System Humidity Control System The Humidity Control System is a slide control which combines with the Humidity Control Lid. This system enables humidity customisation in each side of the fruit and vegetable bin. Halogen Light in Fridge & Freezer Door Alarm - Refrigerator Door Alarm - Freezer
Release Date
First seen
23 January 2011