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Serge Lutens Féminité du Bois

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Reviews and Problems with Serge Lutens Féminité du Bois

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Overall 8

Keeps you guessing

really, fragrancex.com
31 December 2013
  • Excerpt: Unusual and sophisticated
  • Pros: Enveloping, Sensual, Sexy
  • Cons: Evasive
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Overall 10

Ebay is the way to buy my signature scent.

ohdonna2012, Ebay
6 November 2012
  • Summary: Potas's review is very poetic. I can't compete but will tell you I've used this scent since it's beginning Shisheido days. When Shisheido stopped selling it, I even went to the Paris store for new supply. Serge Lutens was the original designer of the scent. His brand is much more expensive. Unfortunately it is now my only way of finding my now signature scent. Thank goodness for Ebay! I love Feminite du Bois!
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Overall 7

More Shiseido than Serge

Sherapop, parfumo.net
18 September 2012
  • Summary: Serge Lutens FEMINITE DU BOIS is striking in its subtlety. I suppose that makes sense since it was originally launched by Shiseido. The composition seems very simple to me: basically powdered cedar and violet with just a touch of oriental spice. I was even reminded a bit of my memory of Creed LOVE IN BLACK by the combination of cedar and violet. There is also some overlap with CERRUTI 1881. I like it.
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Overall 10

Rare and hard to get

Angellen, fragrancex.com
31 January 2012
  • Excerpt: I purchased this fragrance from a recommendation. I wanted one that both my husband and I could wear while travelling, therefore only needing to pack one bottle of fragrance between us and yet not be noticeably feminine or masculine. This does just that. I am pleased to have been able to purchase from you, as the search took quite some time as it seems rarely stocked by most perfumeries. It is very highly priced but has become highly prized in our household.
  • Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Hard to Find, Long-Lasting, Not Overpowering, Sensual, Unique fragrance, Unisex
  • Cons: Expensive
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Overall 10

Feminity in liquid form

potas10, Ebay
2 August 2011
  • Summary: This is a tale of three notes, all dressed in purple attire that show off their perfectly proportioned curves (not unlike the bottle that they reside in), singing a melody that each realize is more important than any solo they could perform. Plum, violet and cedar. Each step forward to receive their applause, but quickly step back in line to continue their performance. A melody of balance. Sure, there is a supporting cast - a sprinkle of cinnamon, a dash of cumin.
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Overall 9

Autumn leaves

Ysbrand, parfumo.net
16 December 2010
  • Summary: There is something decadent in this perfume. And when i say decadent i dont refer to a roman-like orgy, or a triple chocolate cake... i dont mean self-indulgent, i am not doing any moral judgement. I refer to the decadence in a more biological sense. The decay of nature, the fallen leaves, the over-ripe frit, and autumn, the season of decay by excelence.
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User Review

Lola, fragrantica
6 days ago
  • Excerpt: Удивлена фразой "Лютанс "сделал" свой аромат с Шисейдо..." маэстро сделал этот аромат для Шисейдо. Это изначально его работа. Потом перевел Феминиту в линию своих ароматов, когда таковая появилась. Шисейдо потеряли от этого, конечно, но сам аромат никуда не делся. Что не может не радовать.
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User Review

Le fleurs de Lis, fragrantica
3 weeks ago
  • Excerpt: Кедр тут красивый, слышится ярче других нот, но позже появляется много персика и сливы, аромат превращается в горячее сливовое варенье.
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User Review

marina.vorobey.3, fragrantica
15 January 2015
  • Excerpt: Очень красивый аромат. Не кричит, не семафорит, но твердо стоит рядом. Что-то мистическое точно есть))))красиво шлейфит, раскрывает, такая рям Загадка рядом. По нотам не разложу, все очень целостно и гармонично. Хотя вот по началу тоже отпугнул резкостью, но на коже - мммммм, волшебство!
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User Review

giulchatai, fragrantica
8 January 2015
  • Excerpt: Волшебный, интереснейший аромат, мне очень подошел и нравится, хотя сразу я этого не поняла :). Конечно, он сложноватый, но не тяжеляк при этом совсем. Его надо именно дослушать, и у меня предоставилась такая возможность - дослушала и распробовала. Он совсем не депрессивный, но безусловно интровертный и мистический, это да - меня по началу отпугнул, потом разнюхала.
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