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Barnes and Noble Nook 1st Generation
6.7 out of 10

Barnes and Noble Nook 1st Generation

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Reviews and Problems with Barnes and Noble Nook 1st Generation

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Overall 8

Review: Barnes & Noble Nook, Black and White

15 June 2011
  • Excerpt: By now, most everyone in your circle of friends has played with a Kindle and an iPad. Fewer have picked up a Nook . But I’d urge you to give this dark horse a shot. I’ve been testing the newest black and white version of Barnes & Noble’s e-reader, and, well, you can color me impressed.
  • Pros: Nothing here gets in the way of a good read. Six-inch e-ink screen is crisp. Epic battery life. Hardware design eases one-handed operation. Shows progress in actual pages conforming to the paper edition.
  • Cons: Low light is a problem. Touch screen could be better. Social tools are meh, and the e-mail client is especially weak. Until e-book readers cost significantly less than 0 they won’t be everywhere — razors exist to sell blades.
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Overall 8
Performance 8
Battery performance 10
Display 7
Software 8

Barnes & Noble Nook review (2011)

2 June 2011
  • Excerpt: The new Nook from Barnes & Noble has this funny little trick: I keep on reading on it. In fact, despite my best efforts otherwise, I’m often reading the very book I planned on reading, or the book that I was reading moments before I tried to escape into some OS Wonderland that simply doesn’t exist...
  • Pros: Simple, intuitive touch UI, Highly responsive, Comfortable in hand
  • Cons: Can’t access the stronger Kindle ecosystem, Single purpose, E Ink is showing its age
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Overall 7

Barnes & Noble Nook Review

21 December 2009
  • Excerpt: Read between the virtual lines, what with runaway sales of Amazon’s Kindle and news of Plastic Logic and co. splayed all over the evening headlines: eReaders are the hot items to have this holiday season.
  • Pros: Large readable E Ink display, Lower color LCD touch display looks great, Expandable storage, Large book catalog
  • Cons: Touch Display is hard to use at times, Slow refresh on E Ink display, Lacking blog and magazine content, Questionable durability, Unintuitive menu system, Lag between two displays
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Barnes & Noble nook eBook Reader Review

The Gadgeteer
14 December 2009
  • Conclusion: For another opinion on the nook, check out Judie’s review at Geardiary .
  • Pros: Wonderful E-ink display, AT&T wireless may be nicer for some than Sprint on the Kindle, Free WiFi in B&N stores, WiFi access at home is nice and fast for buying and shopping for books
  • Cons: Overall slow performance, Touch screen sensitivity is hit and miss, Annotation feature needs buffed up
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Overall 6

Review: Barnes & Noble Nook

10 December 2009
  • Excerpt: You can imagine that Barnes & Noble, with 774 stores scattered across suburban strip-mall America, finally got fed up with the way Amazon’s Kindle dominates the e-book market. “I know,” some B&N exec must have said. “Let’s pull an Apple move on their sorry asses!
  • Pros: Attractive, well-designed hardware. Color LCD makes menus and covers look pretty. Ability to switch fonts is a welcome change. Book-lending works with friends and with libraries. Easy reading experience. Expandable via MicroSD slot. User-replaceable battery.
  • Cons: E Ink screen is noticeably more sluggish than the Kindle’s. Occasionally poky interface on the touchscreen. Annoying interface glitches keep tripping up the browsing experience. 0 plus per book might be cheap if you’re used to buying dozens of hardcovers a year — but it’s expensive for those accu...
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Обзор Barnes and Noble Nook: король читалок

26 April 2010
  • Summary: 2010-й — год читалок. Вслед за Sony, Amazon (читайте о них в нашем коллективном обзоре читалок — часть 1 , часть 2 ) и уймой неизвестных в иных областях производителей (например, ударно работающая украинская компания Pocketbook ) в игру вступают серьезные игроки — Samsung, Asus, Viewsonic, LG.
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