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World Without End

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Overall 10

My Favorite of the 1950s "B" Science Fiction Films

wdbasinger (wdbasinger@hotmail.com), IMDb
12 September 2007
  • Summary: I saw this film for the first time when I was about 8 years of age and never forgot a lot of the issues raised during the plot. The first 15 minutes or so, the viewer is shown a rocket traveling from Martian orbit which subsequently takes off suddenly at a fantastic undefined velocity. The special effects imply that it is going through some sort of convulsion or warp. The rocket eventually crashes on some planet.
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Overall 7

Very Enjoyable Low-Budget B/W Sci-Fi; Unusually Well-Considered

silverscreen888, IMDb
23 June 2005
  • Summary: This is the perhaps the best script from a writer's point of view of any of the 1950s low-budget "B" sci-fi films. Galactic fiction being beyond the capacities of Hollywood writers' imaginations, the best they could do is "futuristics", stories of apocalyptic, invaded, poisoned or plagued Earth.
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All of the elements of Great 50s SciFi -Space,Mutants,Future

SciFi-50s, IMDb
10 May 2004
  • Summary: Space pioneers are returning to Earth from a trip to Mars when their spaceship is propelled into the future. They land and discover a vastly different Earth than the one they left. All of the elements that went into the 50s scifi genre are here. Space travel, mutant creatures, and life in the far distant future. This film was a better than average film for its time. The effects are poor compared to today but the dialog makes up for it.
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Excellent "B-Film" 1956 SCI-FI

triassic4, IMDb
4 November 2003
  • Summary: There are many existing comments in regards to this particular film and most of them are quite similar and accurate, therefore there is not too much new substantial information left to be offered. I would just like to express and confirm that this is quite an excellent film for its time [1956]. Do not expect CGI quality graphics and effects -- this was a lower budgeted film, but it did indeed have some very nicely done SFX by its own standards.
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It is a little corny

Kenny-36, IMDb
1 September 2003
  • Summary: Yes this movie is a little corny, but most of the sci-fi/horror movies of that time were corny, but still fun to watch. And this movie still has a good underlining story. The astronauts find themselves in another world from the one they left, their families and homes are gone and mutants attack them. Then they find another race like their own. And after fighting the mutants and the others they work together to start to rebuild the Earth. Corny but good.
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Ambitious but derivative science fiction.

jim riecken (youroldpaljim), IMDb
30 December 2002
  • Summary: This fairly ambitious science fiction from minor studio Allied Artists used to be one of my favorite science fiction films when I was kid. This is an another one of those films I first saw on TV as kid and still recall with fondness and enjoy re-watching on video every now and then.The story of accidental time travel via space ship appealed to me.
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Planet of the Apes meets The Time Machine

Chris Gaskin, IMDb
11 September 2002
  • Summary: I recently watched this movie for the first time and found it a cross between Planet of the Apes and The Time Machine, complete with Rod Taylor. Four astronauts returning from a space mission go through a time warp and end up on earth thousands of years into the future after a nuclear war. They encounter rubber giant spiders, mutant cavemen and hostile survivors who have survived the war and are living underground.
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A great rocket, girls in short skirts -- what a movie!

Bruce Cook (brucemcook@windstream.net), IMDb
26 January 2002
  • Summary: A few years ago I watched this movie with a group of friends. We had a terrific time with it. It was great to see `The Time Machine' star Rod Taylor with `The Day the Earth Stood Still' star Hugh Marlow. Other high points included that great rocket ship (which was first designed for `Destination Moon', but rejected in favor of the one actually used). The rocket was first used in `Flight to Mars', and it later appeared in `It!
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Overall 9

enjoyable science fiction from the 1950's

gary overman (garyoverman@webtv.net), IMDb
25 March 2000
  • Summary: I first remember seeing this movie on TV as a young boy in the early 1960's. From then on I watched it as often as it came on until they stopped showing science fiction movies on that station. For about twenty years or so, I did not see it, and then last year, I found it on video. Much to my delight, I found that I still enjoyed it as much as ever. The film concerns the first flight to Mars, and what happens when they start back.
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Overall 7

Desptie it's hokeyness, this is good 50s scf-fi fare.

bux, IMDb
15 November 1998
  • Summary: Patterned somewhat after H.G Wells novel "The Time Machine" and a fore-runner of "Planet of the Apes" (1968) This space-time travel story is better than it sounds. The astronauts are thrown forward in time but. actually it seems the opposite, as they return to a planet inhabited by cave-man like creatures-save a small group hiding out underground.
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