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The Gruffalo

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Overall 10

I saw The Gruffalo and it looked good!

Robert Reynolds (minniemato@hotmail.com), IMDb
11 March 2014
  • Summary: This short was nominated for an Academy Award for Animated Short. There will be spoilers ahead: This is an excellent adaptation of a children's story about a mouse who is walking through the woods to get to a tree with acorns. It's told within a framing story of a mother squirrel telling the tale to her two children. Along the way, he outsmarts a fox, an owl and a snake who all thought the mouse looked good and invite him home for a meal.
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Overall 6

The art of make-believe

Thomas (filmreviews@web.de), IMDb
10 October 2013
  • Summary: Rarely has it been displayed more entertaining and witty than in this 27-minute short film. It was released during the Christmas holidays 2009. A bit off an odd choice as there's no Christmas spirit or snowy landscapes in this one, instead a beautifully animated green forest. Mother Squirrel tells her kids a story and there's certainly something mysterious about it, just like about the whole film.
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Overall 8

Charming short film

jamiemiles99, IMDb
22 February 2013
  • Summary: As a parent of small kids I get used to watching films multiple times on DVD. Thankfully this one stands up to repeat viewings. I did wonder how a 5 minute book could be stretched to nearly half an hour, but the makers have added plenty of little details that, while not adding to the overall story, do expertly complement it.
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Overall 10

Very cute and beautifully done

Rectangular_businessman, IMDb
15 July 2012
  • Summary: "The Gruffalo" is very pretty animated short, with a beautiful visual style and a charming story, which has all the classic elements from many fairy tales and fables. I liked a lot the aesthetic used for the characters in this short: Their cartoonish and stylish appearance made a good contrast with the realistic sceneries, resulting in something very pleasant. The story itself was something very simple, but incredibly charming.
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Overall 8

Cute and enjoyable....

planktonrules, IMDb
19 February 2011
  • Summary: I enjoyed this short film quite a bit, though of all the films nominated for Best Animated Short this year, I think it and "Let's Pollute" have the least chance of winning the Oscar. We'll see--the winner is to be announced next week. The film is odd because it's is a story within a story. It begins with a mother squirrel (Helena Bonham Carter...who, incidentally, doesn't seem that squirrelly to me) almost being caught by a bird of prey.
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Overall 9

Too short perhaps, but superb all the same

TheLittleSongbird, IMDb
8 January 2011
  • Summary: I absolutely loved The Gruffalo. It is a little too short, but all the same it is still superb. The animation is beautiful, very true to the illustrations of the book, plus the characters are well modelled and move convincingly and the backgrounds and colours are ravishing. The story is cute and charming, simple it is, but simple as in a good way. The dialogue is always amusing, it is done in rhyme and bounces along with no problem at all.
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Overall 8

A short animation, enjoyable for all ages

lukefriday, IMDb
25 February 2010
  • Summary: I read the Gruffalo when i was a small kid (im now 14) and at Christmas I noticed this was on T.V. and decided to watch with my family. I was impressed with the animation and the characters voices fitted the parts well. I was watching with a 18 month old baby, and in some parts so got scared, as it is dark in a few places. I believe that it should have won the BAFTA it was up for.
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A cute animated short about a little mouse who outsmarts his predators.

fantasyescapist, IMDb
20 January 2010
  • Summary: This came on BBC1 on Christmas Day, and like Wallace and Gromit before it, I recorded it so it could be watched later. I've finally got around to watching it, and I was pleasantly surprised. With a solid voice cast voicing the animals, the rhyming dialogue is sweet and never annoying. The story of the mouse, as told by a mother squirrel to her two babies is episodic but suitably so. The jokes were funny and it was even somewhat dark in places where it needed to be.
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A simple enjoyable story told in a very effective and enjoyable way

bob the moo, IMDb
19 January 2010
  • Summary: Having narrowly avoided a predator herself, a mother squirrel calms the nerves of her two young children by telling them a story of a plucky young mouse who travels deep into the woods in search of food only to find predators at every turn ready to trick him into becoming their next meal.
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Overall 10


blodi_fab, IMDb
13 January 2010
  • Summary: My son (who is 8) and I really enjoyed this. The animation is fantastic, the voices are great! We've been huge Gruffalo fans for years and I was worried that they would add to it, or take something from the charm but they did this brilliantly.The animal characters are well thought out, each given its own personality in the very small time they are on. It was funny and lovely to watch. The animals are beautifully done, the scenery is gorgeous.
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