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Rec 2

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[REC] 2

Rock! Shock! Pop!
22 October 2013
  • Summary: More of the same, with a little bit of different. [REC] 2 is essential viewing for horror fans, though the change in storyline may not appeal to some.
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Overall 7
Movie overall 7

[Rec] 2

29 July 2011
  • Summary: All in all, I found [REC]2 an enjoyable and fast-moving horror sequel. Things are sufficiently amped up, including both gore and action. The characterizations suffer this time around, but the story steps up to the challenge, and you find yourself caught up in the outcome. The art direction is amazing and demands to be seen in a Region 1 BD release. I look forward to seeing more of Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza’s work in the near future.
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Overall 9
Actors overall 9
Audio 9
Extras 9

[REC] 2

DVD Verdict
12 July 2011
  • Excerpt: Horror fans are a jaded lot. Decades of subpar sequels have ground us down, and the worst part is the occasional sequel that does work, meaning we have to sit through dozens of bad films just for the hope that a sequel will capture the magic of a solid original horror flick. [REC] 2 is one of those rare sequels that keeps horror fans going by taking everything successful about the first film and serving it up again with just enough of a twist to make it seem fresh again.
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Review: [REC] 2

9 July 2010
  • Excerpt: By: Peter Hall, reprinted from Fantastic Fest 9/29/09I like that the original [REC]'s real-time unraveling of an apartment building under quarantine
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Overall 8

[•REC] 2

Empire Online
15 September 2011
  • Conclusion: A hectic, hellish sequel that blends daring new ideas with a primal zombie wallop.
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Overall 6

[REC] 2

15 September 2010
Overall 9

[REC] 2

Film Guide
16 January 2010
  • Excerpt: A bit of back history for those too scared to watch the original [REC]; it’s a Spanish zombie film, set entirely in an apartment building, from where an emergency call has been made. A fire team responds, with a reporter and her camera man tagging along, hoping to get a career launching story. Unfortunately for them it’s much worse than a fire, and once inside the building they get locked in by the authorities who have only just realised the scope of what happening.
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Overall 9
Production 10
Actors overall 10
Music 10

Rec 2

5 October 2013
  • Excerpt: Jaha, och så var det där med virus och dess spridning i ett hyreshus i Barcelona. Började med ett sjukdomsfall och slutade med blod, skräck och döingar kutandes som i sina glansdagar och alltigenom tuggandes på helt friska individer. Inte konstigt att osmittades mängd minimerades och i slutet famlar TV-reportern Ángela Vidal i mörkret och försvinner skrikandes in i mörkret, fullständigt klart assisterat av en varelse man inte vill hitta i sin källare eller vind.
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