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Reviews and Problems with Rage

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Overall 5

A wasted opportunity

Rodrigo Amaro (rodrigo882008@hotmail.com), IMDb
4 September 2014
  • Summary: This directorial debut of George C. Scott is not a disappointment in his direction of actors and himself; he conducts some effective dramatic sequences, some interesting thrilling scenes and almost creates a relevant story.
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Overall 5

Tragic Melodrama.

AaronCapenBanner, IMDb
15 September 2013
  • Summary: George C. Scott both stars in and directs this melodrama, as he plays a rancher who, while out camping with his son, discovers that they were accidentally sprayed with an experimental gas, that has killed his son and livestock, and sends him to the hospital, where he learns that the military was...
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Overall 6

Good, but could have been better.

Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden), IMDb
16 July 2012
  • Summary: The legendary actor George C. Scott's theatrical directing debut is a decent revenge tale, one with some flaws, but it's still a slick, professionally made, and reasonably compelling yarn.
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Overall 8

Good Quality DVD!

hunter, Warner Bros
13 September 2010
  • Summary: The DVD has great picture and sound quality.
  • Pros: Engaging Characters, Entertaining, Great Cinematography, High Production Value, Original
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Overall 10

Great Flick From Back in the Day

fop-6, IMDb
16 October 2006
  • Summary: This was one of the films I remember from back in the day. One of those that I watched every time it came on TV. Not artsy, but despite the usual predictable elements (as is the case with most films), I found the plot both interesting and entertaining.
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Overall 8

RAGE is worth checking out

udar55, IMDb
30 August 2006
  • Summary: While on a camping trip, Wyoming rancher Dan Logan (George C. Scott) and his son are inadvertently exposed to a secret Army chemical. Both of them end up the hospital and are lied to about their condition by a mysterious doctor (Martin Sheen) who is hoping to protect this top secret project.
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Overall 8

Who is angrier than George C. Scott? No one, that's who!

Raegan Butcher, IMDb
13 April 2006
  • Summary: ***THIS COMMENT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*** Maybe its me but there was something about this film that worked on my nerves like a tongue on a rotten tooth. It's based on a true incident in Utah in which an Army truck dropped a cannister filled with nerve gas and a butt-load of sheep bought the proverbial...
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Overall 8

Tense Actioner, I Liked It!

verbusen, IMDb
1 October 2005
  • Summary: Well, everyone here who has submitted a review has given out all the spoilers for this film, which is why I stopped reading reviews here until I saw a movie. So by now you know all about the plot. I have not seen this one for awhile but I still remember this movie very well.
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Overall 4

Simple Revenge Tale ....

Theo Robertson, IMDb
14 December 2003
  • Summary: .... But the problem with RAGE is that it`s all a little too simple !!!!! SPOILERS !!!!! . Let`s examine the plot in detail . Farmer Dan Logan and his son are out in the countryside when a military helicopter accidently contaminates the pair with poison .
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Overall 7

Scott's Directorial Debut

G-Man-25, IMDb
14 November 2002
  • Summary: George C Scott stars and makes his directorial debut in this tense but ultimately pointless drama about a peaceful rancher who goes on a rampage of revenge after a botched military nerve-gas experiment conducted over his land leads to the death of his young son.
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