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Reviews and Problems with Penance

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Overall 2

if your into torture porn this is a must-see but otherwise not a movie to go out of your way to watch, and definitely not for the squeamish.

nether realm, IMDb
29 June 2013
  • Summary: The movie is off to a bad start with the new wave horror cliché of being shot on hand-held camera, this is by no means a bad thing if it is done correctly such as the infamous "Blair witch project" and "Cloverfield", however in the case of penance it feels like this was done to save money and not add atmosphere or a sense of realism to the movie (if it did it was lost on me).
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Overall 1

Say WHAT??????

Matt matt, IMDb
20 March 2013
  • Summary: I haven't watched all of this mess. Besides, it's screening on Chiller right now, which means I would only see an extremely censored version anyway. This is the kind of movie that makes me wonder what has happened the the American horror film industry. At one time this might have fit into the old misogynistic grind-house genre.
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Overall 4

Pointless and terrible genre cross-over effort

GL84, IMDb
24 September 2012
  • Summary: Filling in for a friend on a stripping job, a young woman finds she's captured by a deranged madman intended to purify similar women for their sins and is tortured to achieve those results. Yet another utterly retarded Torture Film here, only this one made all the more infuriated with the inclusion of the "Found Footage" moniker, so it's pretty much what would happen if "Paranormal Activity" did the "Saw" series, and that only spells disaster for all involved due to the...
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Overall 6

Video, torture and tits... oh my!

BA_Harrison, IMDb
9 October 2011
  • Summary: I'm as sick and tired of predictable torture flicks and found footage films as the next horror fan, and so Penance—which 'cleverly' combines these two tired sub-genres to create the 'found torture footage' sub-sub-genre—hardly sounded like it was going to deliver much of interest to this particular jaded viewer.
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Overall 4

Any lady who meets this doctor will never be a Pretty Woman.

tyler-and-jack, IMDb
5 December 2010
  • Summary: Penance is all about a woman (Marieh Delfino) who desperately needs to raise some cash and so turns to her friend, who is a stripper, and learns how to bust the moves that will earn her some cash. This leads her to take a very, strange, well-paid job that turns into something quite sinister and could very well be the last thing she ever does, all thanks to the twisted client (Graham McTavish) who thinks of himself as a saviour giving these poor, morally unsound, women a...
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May have been okay with more convincing acting

Midnight_Mass, IMDb
11 August 2010
  • Summary: I'm not one to slate low-budget films- in fact, a lot of the time, they can seem much more realistic and worth-while. This, however, is an embarrassing display of poor acting with another Brit cast as the psychopath targeting some defenceless Americans. First of all, that stereotype is getting old- we're not all like that.
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Overall 5

Graphic, Decent Film

dwayne-miller, IMDb
15 June 2010
  • Summary: This film lures its viewers down into an graphic and disgusting abyss around the role of being a stripper, and attempts to terrify strippers and pre-strippers away from the lifestyle. Shot in documentary style, we are taken into a dark world that crosses between stripper life, trickery, and dark religion. A redeeming quality of the movie is how it gave the impression that certain risks aren't worth the reward and that desperation can bring us to threatful situations.
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Overall 2

I guess some things I will never understand.

Arisenandawakened, IMDb
23 March 2010
  • Summary: This movie strikes me on so many levels as absolute trash. I wish the lead actress was at least attractive. Although, she did have nice breasts... which was the only redeeming quality of this flick, gratuitous nudity. Especially in the case of one Eve Mauro. That girl is absolutely gorgeous. Smokin' hot! I think I would probably watch anything with her in it, at least once. But alas, I digress from my original reason for writing this.
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Odd little, nasty film full of tons of genre cameos...

TexasPsycho26, IMDb
24 January 2010
  • Summary: This film has obviously been considered torture porn, but I somehow don't think it is. The violence is far more amped up than in over-hyped films like Saw and Hostel, but that's not what I dug about it. It includes, Michael Rooker, Tony Todd, Jason Duvall(May, Donnie Darko, and Doom Generation), Jason Connery and the badass Lochlyn Munro. He played Cliff in "Dead Man on Campus" and was the bumbling cop in Freddy Vs. Jason.
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Overall 2

Torture Porn, and Not Even Good Torture Porn

TheExpatriate700, IMDb
18 January 2010
  • Summary: Penance is an example of this decade's "torture porn" craze at its worst. Cheaply made, with largely unknown actors, the film lacks the creativity of films such as Saw, substituting shock tactics for originality. The story is nothing new. An innocent young woman is forced to become a stripper because of financial trouble, and ends up falling into the hands of a depraved religious fanatic. (I'm a humanist, and even I think this movie gives religion a bad name.
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