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Oliver Twist

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The Kid from England

lugonian, IMDb
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: OLIVER TWIST (First National Pictures, 1922), a Sol Lesser production, directed by Frank Lloyd, is another one of many screen adaptations taken from Charles Dickens' immortal story. Dickens himself described it best in a reprinted passage displayed during the opening credits: "When that tale was first published, I fully expected it would be objected to on high moral grounds.
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Overall 7

Not a bad adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic.

OllieSuave-007, IMDb
7 August 2014
  • Summary: This is the first movie adaptation I have seen of Charles Dickens' classic - a story where orphan boy Oliver Twist (Richard Charles) escapes the orphanage in England and end up being taken in by a band of thieves. From what I remember, this movie followed the novel pretty well, capturing the elements of the story such as the old English times, the sinisterness of Fagin (George C.
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Overall 5

User Review

Matthew Brady, FilmCrave
26 February 2014
  • Summary: Oliver Twist (Barney Clark) is a young orphan in Victorian England who has been sent to a dank workhouse run by the miserly Mr. Bumble (Jeremy Swift) when it is learned there is no one to care for him. When Oliver dares to ask for more gruel, he is sent away to live with an undertaker, who treats him poorly. This movie is dark and very cruel at times with it's plot. the acting is fine and the all film as this grey and dirty look to it that lacks the film down for me.
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User Review

Markosvini, Metacritic
3 April 2013
  • Summary: Um bom filme, que mostra uma realidade que ninguém nunca imaginou para uma criança, muito menos para uma como Oliver Twist. Esse filme transpira emoção e drama, não um tipo enjoativo de drama, mas algo que se quer saber mais, procurar sobre a história, ler o livro. É uma pena que o livro deixe a desejar, neste caso.
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User Review

Rikiege, Metacritic
2 February 2013
  • Summary: A movie greatly exaggerated, pessimistic and dramatic. But it's a good movie and very cultured.
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Overall 10

the best ever adaptation

corey judd (greystudies@aol.com), IMDb
28 November 2012
  • Summary: Actually, the "best" version is a matter of opinion, whether you prefer the 1922 Frank Lloyd version, the 1948 David Lean version, the 1968 Carol Reed musical version, or the 2005 Roman Polanski version. But there is little doubt that the 1922 version is the "best" in terms of being the most faithful to Dickens' original novel, virtually every major character and subplot is included with little in the way of changes, quite a feat for a 74-minute movie.
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Overall 8

" The World is a Dark place when you're a Poor Orphan "

thinker1691, IMDb
15 November 2012
  • Summary: Considered the finest author of the Victorian Era, Charles Dickens wrote, among other novels, the story of " Oliver Twist. " Beginning in 1922, many film adaptations have depicted the horrific settings of the young waif and the dark misery of England's Workhouses. This version which stars' the multi-talented George C. Scott as Fagin, is the most memorable. If you have read the original novel published in 1837, you are fortunate.
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Overall 8

Maybe too short and rushed, but it looks great and Coogan and Chaney are memorable

TheLittleSongbird, IMDb
27 June 2012
  • Summary: While not the best film version to me(the David Lean film), it is a very interesting one for reasons other than and as well as being silent. At 74 minutes though, I did think it was too short, and because it is such a lengthy and complicated novel with a lot going on, what was translated on screen, which was as much as possible seemingly, came across as too rushed with some characters disappearing before we even get to know them.
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Overall 9

Surprisingly close to the original story.

planktonrules, IMDb
11 December 2011
  • Summary: There have been many versions of Dickens' story, "Oliver Twist". While I have not seen them all, I have seen the very famous David Lean version as well as the musical "Oliver!". Despite being handicapped by a shorter running time and being a silent, the 1922 version stayed amazingly close to the original story and included some sub-plots that are usually omitted in films. I don't think these omissions in later films are necessarily bad as Oliver being shot and Mr.
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Overall 8

A Twist of Jackie Coogan

wes-connors, IMDb
8 December 2011
  • Summary: In Victorian England, young "Oliver Twist" is born in poverty. His mother dies and his father is unaccounted for (assuming you know the story, this version drops hints). The innocent kid grows into Jackie Coogan (as Oliver Twist). A sprightly waif, young Coogan is sent to a workhouse and gets in trouble for requesting more gruel. Running away from abusive conditions, Coogan heads for "polluted" London.
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