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Nine Dead

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A good psychological horror movie.

TdSmth5, IMDb
10 October 2011
  • Summary: A masked creep kidnaps 9 people, puts them in a room, handcuffs them to a tube. He tells them their mission is to find out why there are there. Every ten minutes he will kill one of them unless they tell him the answer. The group is made up of a cop, two street thugs, a Vegas strip joint owner/mobster, a DA, a priest, a homosexual, a goody two shoes guy, and an Asian woman who doesn't speak English.
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Overall 6

If only the ending....

Lunaroseice, IMDb
4 March 2011
  • Summary: If only the ending were different. The first 7 minutes were not great. But once you get the 9 into the closed room and they have to put the puzzle together and solve the mystery, I loved it - until the end. Some people say it was a Saw copycat. I have not seen the Saw movies. I do not like slasher films and that seems to be all the saw movies are. This was far more cerebral. I didn't think the acting was as bad as some people said.
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Overall 2

Riding the wave.....badly!

Daniel Elford, IMDb
2 March 2011
  • Summary: Chris Shadley has been involved on a production level in various other projects, including big hits, but this is his first time directing. Patrick Wehe Mahoney had never written for the screen before this. Going by "Nine Dead", neither of them should try again. Harsh? Perhaps, but if you take the time to see this movie, you will quickly be on board with that view.
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Overall 8

Very good

Christian H-N, IMDb
26 December 2010
  • Summary: Very good movie indeed. I don't understand why other reviewers find the ending terrible - do you need to get everything spelled out and bent in neon? Very good point that nobody is innocent, they have just not received a sentence for their crimes, so they can merrily believe, that they have done nothing wrong. Which is arrogant, wrong and not insightful.
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Terrible ending, but a real fun movie otherwise!

Prolox, IMDb
4 September 2010
  • Summary: In this fascinating thriller, Nine people of various backgrounds are abducted & chained up in a room, with a masked gun man coming in telling them that every ten minutes someone will die, unless they can figure out why they are all here & what their connection is to each other, as time goes on, the body count mounts, as the gun man kills one person every ten minutes as the group tries to piece all the clues together & as time goes on, each of the remaining survivors try...
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Overall 9

Surprisingly gripping

Andres Salama, IMDb
21 June 2010
  • Summary: The poster suggests a cheap knock off of the Saw franchise. So does the first few minutes of this low budget movie, showing nine blindfolded persons being brought into a decrepit industrial room and handcuffed by a masked gunman. As it unfolds, though, Nine Dead turns out to be a surprisingly good, engaging and even intelligent drama.
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Overall 9

A great "SAW" like film, but disappointing ending =/

Rob Lord, IMDb
5 June 2010
  • Summary: I thought altogether the film was very much worth watching, and I'd definitely watch it again! The film is much like the SAW series without the disgusting gore and with more thought involved. When I say thought, I mean that it keeps you involved making you try to figure out why they're there. The acting was average but you can't expect the best for a low budget film, and I think the acting did do justice.
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Overall 6

Nine Dead

Scarecrow-88, IMDb
27 March 2010
  • Summary: Nine people are systematically kidnapped after being rendered unconscious by a masked man's taser while walking to their various vehicles. These people, of all walks of life, find themselves handcuffed to poles and are told by their mysterious captor that they have a certain allotted time limit(ten minutes each)to uncover why they are in this situation. If they are unable to do so, one individual of the group will be killed, a random selection chosen for execution.
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Overall 5

May want to pass on this one if you are looking for a hard core suspense movie, however it is a rainy day pick.

Mitzi Fenno, IMDb
15 March 2010
  • Summary: If you are like me and read IMDb reviews to decide what to download, and you are looking for a hard-core suspense or horror movie, you may want to pass on this one. The unfortunate part (and isn't this the truth about most of the movies out today) is that it COULD have been a good thriller. If not for the terrible script and stereotypical characters. A black guy, Chinese woman that doesn't speak English, cop, lawyer, priest, gay child molester/possible murderer..
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Overall 3

Total letdown - does not deserve it's rating

jennnk40, IMDb
13 March 2010
  • Summary: What a complete waste of time. The movie starts as a clone of the Saw series, but with even worse acting. Melissa Joan Hart is absolutely horrible. The ending is ridiculous and the story contains no twists, not plot surprises and just a plain bad ending. I liked some of the characters and I was hoping for everything to be tied together at the end. It just doesn't happen. It's a total "Wrestler" ending with none of the good acting.
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