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Jane Doe
3.9 out of 10

Jane Doe

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Overall 6

Don't Think! Shut Down Your Brain! And Enjoy Teri Hatcher

Claudio Carvalho, IMDb
3 February 2006
  • Summary: The great attraction of this DVD certainly is the name of Teri Hatcher. I decided to watch this movie, and I do not know what the writer has in his head while writing such screenplay. The story is so unbelievable and absurd that becomes funny, a comedy full of action.
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Overall 5

Teri Hatcher with a gun!

gridoon, IMDb
28 September 2005
  • Summary: Yes, Teri Hatcher enjoys some nice gun action in this movie, and when her character is allowed to be strong, she has moments where she takes your breath away. But she is too often forced to utter unrealistic (under the circumstances) wisecracking dialogue (like in the scene where she first meets Rob...
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Overall 8

As enjoyable as the plot is outlandish

Eric-117, IMDb
20 May 2005
  • Summary: The plot is, from beginning to end, so mind-bogglingly ridiculous that you might suspect it was deliberate - but the dialog is fantastic, and Teri Hatcher is an absolute joy - Desperate Housewives is no fluke.
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Overall 4

Disaster Movie

Ricardo Garcia Mainou, IMDb
2 April 2004
  • Summary: What happened with this movie? It starts pretty good (minding is a B-series tv production). Very a-la 24, Jack Bauerish. Then when you get to the half, even if you were trying to still believe its contrivances, the storyline becomes so incredibly stupid and fragmented you start thinking you must...
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Overall 3

Where's the plot?

acearms, IMDb
1 September 2003
  • Summary: Okay, now the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency, (that's an oxymoron itself)) is framing Jane Doe(or is it the company that's doing it?), but then her 17 year old son is a DIA operative in the company and her ex-husband is a DIA agent.
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Fast paced

mooncrickit, IMDb
12 February 2003
  • Summary: This is a fast paced movie right out of the gate. The movie starts off with Hatcher being forced to move from one spot to another to rescue her kidnaped son making you feel like you came into the middle of the movie.
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Some what good, maybe

Kastigeer (Kastigeer@aol.com), IMDb
18 December 2001
  • Summary: All in all it was a good movie, Teri Hatcher turns from computer geek to a tough broad. Didn't see much of Rob Lowe, but that was his role in the film. The are two things though, It looks like it was made for cable, cause throughout the movie some profanity was dubbed out, and second In the...
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joaniebob, IMDb
12 December 2001
  • Summary: I'm watching it now and I'm losing interest as it goes on. The writing is nothing but clichés and one liners and the plot is implausible. I like both Teri Hatcher and Rob Lowe but their talents are wasted in this mess of a movie. I'd rather watch paint dry.
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Overall 3

Made-for-tv claptrap; makes the commercials look good!

8-Foot, IMDb
12 December 2001
  • Summary: A mulligan stew, inherently of low expectations: throbbing music; lots and lots of different locations, sometimes interesting but fleeting; abundant gun play; a plethora of characters (more than indicated by IMDB); wild camera angles, till they tire of them; deceit and treachery all over, with...
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Rick Blaine, IMDb
11 December 2001
  • Summary: Enjoyable. Fast-paced, especially at the beginning, will grip you. This is good. Story is no-nonsense, especially at the beginning, it doesn't wait for you, you have to hurry to catch up. This is as it should be. Lowe is OK in his role, so are the others, Hatcher is very very good.
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