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High Road To China
8.6 out of 10

High Road To China

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Reviews and Problems with High Road To China

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Overall 6

Extraordinary aerial adventures , thrills , explosions and enjoyable romance

ma-cortes, IMDb
29 May 2009
  • Summary: A drunk previous WWI pilot (Tom Selleck) and his underling (Jack Weston) are contracted by a young heiress (Bess Armstrong) who must encounter her dad before her contender (Robert Morley) takes over the inheritance . They will face dangerous bandits (Brian Blessed) , numerous adventures and risks .
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Overall 10

Underrated Gem of a Movie

autotronic (autotronic@aol.com), IMDb
8 July 2005
  • Summary: Today, when I bought a consumer DVD recorder, and went through a stack of 300+ laserdiscs to dub some not-available-on-DVD-yet films for a very long flight to London tomorrow, this was the second disc I dubbed (Grand Prix was the first) and realized just how perfect a movie this remains, even after...
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Overall 10

A must see for the Selleck and Armstrong fan!

pncowan, IMDb
14 April 2005
  • Summary: For the purist, this movie may seem to be one in which the actors portray a "scripted" dialogue, when in fact if you read books written during the period following WWI you will find the exact same character of speech.
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Overall 10

For fans of slapstick & VCA's (Veteran Character Actors)

bill (mangoman1), IMDb
8 November 2004
  • Summary: Drama, funny, & veteran character actors out the kazoo. Robert Morley (rest his soul) is great as the malicious bumbling nemesis, & Wilford Brimley is letter-perfect as the eccentric good-guy geezer.
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Overall 10

Where's the DVD?

drskelly, IMDb
19 October 2003
  • Summary: Unaccountably under-rated for years this film will eventually be appreciated for what it is -- a wry, often spectacular, often lyrical comedy-romance with great leads and brilliant character performers, accompanied by a score so ravishing Barry simply re-set it for Out Of Africa after the...
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Overall 10

A perfect adventure movie!

John Hewat (hewats@nex.net.au), IMDb
17 October 2003
  • Summary: This is one of the best adventure films I've ever seen. Tom Selleck and Bess Armstrong are great and Jack Weston as Struts is hillarious. It has some great scenes of the planes flying across country. And John Barry's music is excellent.
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Overall 8

A Good Old-Fashioned Escape Movie

director1616, IMDb
5 August 2001
  • Summary: The best thing about "High Road to China" is that it does not try to change the world by making a social statement. It does not try to do anything but be an escape for moviegoers. Is it a perfect film? No. But this is one of my favorite films because it does just that - it allows me to escape.
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Good old-fashioned chemistry

Chi Jake, IMDb
23 June 2001
  • Summary: Brian G. Hutton's "High Road To China" is a classic example of good old fashioned chemistry. Lost-generation flapper hires boozy WW-I flying ace to help find her father, lost somewhere in China, to avoid losing her inheritance.
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I love this movie. It is one of my favorites!

Mad Professor, IMDb
3 March 2001
  • Summary: While true that this movie isn't Academy Award material, it is very enjoyable and touchingly romantic. The scenery is breathtaking at times and the film flows well. It starts in a party atmosphere and becomes a romantic adventure story.
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Overall 9

I don't know why this adventure-comedy is so under-appreciated.

Chazzzzz (grok-huy@prodigy.net), IMDb
23 February 2000
  • Summary: Given Tom Selleck, Bess Armstrong, Wilford Brimley, Robert Morley, Brian Blessed, and Jack Weston, and a bunch of excellent aerial action scenes, this is a terrific film. So what if there isn't a great message, or outstanding drama. For what this is... a comedy-adventure... it's great.
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