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Freeway Killer
6.5 out of 10

Freeway Killer

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Reviews and Problems with Freeway Killer

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Overall 8

Strong and unsettling portrait of a psycho

Woodyanders (Woodyanders@aol.com), IMDb
23 November 2012
  • Summary: Cunning and charismatic serial killer William Bonin (a creepy, intense, and convincing performance by Scott Anthony Leet) preys on various hapless drifters and hitchhikers on the California highways in the late 1970's. Director John Murlowski, working from a compact script by David Birke, relates the gripping story at a steady pace, maintains a dark grim tone throughout, firmly grounds the premise in a totally plausible everyday working class reality, and handles the...
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For Viewers Interested In True Crime

Lechuguilla, IMDb
12 October 2012
  • Summary: William Bonin was a real-life serial killer who murdered a number of young men in the Los Angeles area around 1980. The plot of "Freeway Killer" gives us a character study of this man as an adult already in the process of carrying out his evil schemes. We see him as he entices young boys into his blue van; gets to know them with general chitchat; then, without warning, strikes, like some wild animal attacking its prey.
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Overall 7

Twisted logic washed down with cola and a burger

cmoyton, IMDb
8 October 2011
  • Summary: Serial killer movies. They are a dime a dozen and this is low low budget. So low no effort is made to get the background details correct. Set twenty years in the past cue all the modern cars and contemporary food items. But look closely at major offerings like Donnie Brasco for example and even with big budgets they still produce continuity errors. Ican overlook the flaws here as the acting here is spot on.
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Overall 7

mostly based on true events

trashgang, IMDb
22 May 2011
  • Summary: I never saw a flick with Scott Anthony Leet but what he performed here really did impress me. His face and his laughter really gives you the creeps. And after doing some research on William Bonin he really looked like him. As you all know who follows me on the net I'm not only into horrors I do dig serial killers too. And I have seen a lot of movies about serial killers, some really bad (B.T.K. for example with Kane Hodder) and some really good.
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Overall 7

Not an other 'Henry', but worth watching.

BloedEnMelk, IMDb
5 May 2011
  • Summary: Reading the reviews, one of them stated that this was an other 'Henry' (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). I do have to disagree on that comment. An other 'Henry' it is definitely not. What made 'Henry' so interesting, especially in that time, is the dark, grim and depressing feeling of realism. 'Freeway Killer' is a lot more cleaned up. Bonin was a real MF, who murdered out of lust. He raped his victims before he killed them, and also tortured quite a few of them.
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Overall 4

Too many anachronisms

sarlex85, IMDb
11 May 2010
  • Summary: The movie itself wasn't so bad. However the storyline could've been fleshed out a little bit more. My pet peeve was that the movie was filled with so many Anochronisms, it threw the story off a bit. This was set around 1979-1980, but it looked very low budget. There were modern cars everywhere, besides the ones used by the actors themselves. The convenience store was riddled with current versions of consumer products, Bonin's alarm clock was digital, etc.
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Overall 1

Absurdly incomplete

Bill Shroyer, IMDb
23 April 2010
  • Summary: This was a rather disappointing experience. Scott Leet gave a terrific performance, there was nothing about his acting I'd have changed in the least. But the script was so sanitized as to make the movie basically useless to anyone who actually wants to know about Bill Bonin, the Freeway Killer. They might just as well have used muppets for all the more realistically it portrayed the people and events associated with the film.
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Overall 5

It Held Me to My Seat But...

dwayne-miller, IMDb
12 March 2010
  • Summary: Well it was engaging and intense and it held my down to watch in curiosity mainly because of that sicko sinister character, a gracious savior to this film in my opinion. Other than that, most of the acting coming from all the other characters were lackluster and nothing groundbreaking really happened in this movie. I predicted pretty much how the story would weave, it wasn't hard to see much of it coming. Just sit back and watch it and don't expect anything major at all.
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Overall 6

Better than most serial killer films...

Reaper-of-Souls, IMDb
28 February 2010
  • Summary: While not the best film of its kind, Freeway Killer is better than most serial killer films. Despite being a fairly violent movie, some of the more disturbing things were left out. William Bonin was much more violent in real life. The torturing and raping was completely ignored. I think this part of Bonin's rampage could have added a new, darker and more disturbing feel to the film.
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Overall 8

Realistic and Chilling: Another "Henry" ..

22 February 2010
  • Summary: "Freeway Killer" is based on real life serial killer William Bonin. He certainly isn't well known like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy or Henry Lee Lucas. But there were a lot of similarities with Henry. William also had a partner in crime. Mostly, these killers work alone. For the movie itself, I was really surprised. It isn't a big budget movie, which is often the case with these films based on real killers. But it certainly is one of the better ones.
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