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Dragon Hunter

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Reviews and Problems with Dragon Hunter

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Overall 2

This was made in the 2000s? Seriously?

P Jones, IMDb
31 October 2010
  • Summary: When the movie ended (yes, I endured the entire thing), I sat there staring at the screen and uttered the words, "What the heck?" I felt like I just watched a fantasy-themed production from the early 1970s. I gave it 2 stars only because Kelly Stables was a decent actress, but even she was not convincing in her role.
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Overall 3

No surprise

kaeng, IMDb
27 July 2010
  • Summary: If you take a look at the rating the experience of watching this movie will offer you no surprises. It is not a good movie. I will go even so far as to call it a bad movie. Now, as to what makes this movie so bad, I would say "the characters". Oh, I might even exclaim "The characters!". For they possess absolutely no depth. They are shallow husks, waiting to be filled with life and back story. And the the other thing is the really bad camera work.
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Overall 6

Low Budget but Good.

zero-one-zero, IMDb
11 March 2010
  • Summary: Dragon Hunter is one of those movies you either love or you hate. It really is rather on par with some of the SciFi...excuse me, SyFy channel monster movies. The "special" effects are almost as good as Power Rangers but not quite as good as the old Xena: Warrior Princess show. There are some holes in the timing, editing, and dialog that are amateurish and again, low budget. I suspect that the first take was the only one for most scenes.
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How does this movie pass to even get on DVD???!!!

kham_phet, IMDb
29 November 2009
  • Summary: Madness overwhelmed when I saw this movie. Literally! I've seen high school Film Class projects better then this craap! No lie here ladies and gents! this is a nothing movie. the plot seems to start then is forgotten. the entire movie was filmed in someones backyard or forest. the castle was someones front porch. the dragon was CGI and was only shown twice. the outside of the castle shots, was just a poster. cheap? no! worst then cheap. this is poverty film.
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Overall 1

Abysmal, just abysmal

stephenbooth-uk, IMDb
27 September 2009
  • Summary: This film is so bad I'm stuck where to start. The acting? The FX? The plot? The camera work? The costumes? Actually the costumes weren't too bad. Acting was variable, from fan film to school play. Junior school (that's age 7 to 11, translate to your local education equivalent for non UK people) school play that is. Wooden would be an up.
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Overall 1

Just plain bad.

tdzz1, IMDb
28 July 2009
  • Summary: This is the worst movie i have ever turned off after ten minutes. The script was written by a middle schooler. The actors were wooden at best. The camera looked like it was being held by a drunken chimpanzee. I find it hard to believe there was any post production work done on this movie. If these are the best shots the worst must be truly awful. This is not even a B movie. This is an F movie. Everybody involved flunked.
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Overall 3

Terrible Low-Budget Fantasy Movie

Claudio Carvalho, IMDb
30 May 2009
  • Summary: In times of orcs and dragons, the orphan Kendrick (Maclain Nelson) was raised by his overprotective brother Darius (Erik Denton). When their village is attacked by dragons, they have to move through the woods seeking the land of Ocard where a dragon hunter should be trained. They teem-up with a group of warriors wandering in the forest and the walk together to Ocard, in a dangerous journey under the attack of orcs and dragons.
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Overall 1

What A Ride It Was

hinesgtrservice, IMDb
27 March 2009
  • Summary: You know when you make it over an hour through a movie and you only have like twenty minutes left, and even though it's awful, you've come this far and just have to finish it? Well, this is not that movie. I was literally five minutes away from the end and couldn't care less. The acting was downright pitiful with characters lacking any depth to pull any emotion from anyway. Blame the writing, it was some of the worst you'll see.
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Overall 1

My eyes hurt.

darkandor, IMDb
24 March 2009
  • Summary: Lets take a look at the summary.. Orphaned as a baby when his parents were killed in a vicious orc attack, Kendrick of Elwood was raised by his elder brother, Darius. Though only nine at the time, Darius devoted his life to Kendrick's care and to purging orcs from their land. As Darius grew into a great warrior, he sheltered Kendrick from all possible harm. Now, after years of absence, a new danger emerges, more lethal than the threat of orcs or men.
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Overall 7

Good... Surprisingly good!

aridale, IMDb
23 March 2009
  • Summary: I went into this movie not expecting anything. I knew nothing about it aside from the link here and decided to give it a blind watch. It started out kinda shaky but it turned out to be quite good. Don't get me wrong this is no blockbuster. I don't know what the budget was or how long it took to make and it seemed like they probably had to have some really good friends to pull of the cgi that it had as the dragon was quite well done.
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