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Toshiba SD-5000
4.5 out of 10

Toshiba SD-5000

DVD upconversion via HDMI™ Video Upconversion - 720p/1080i * Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Toshiba SD-5000

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Overall 2

Definate don't buy

boughb, PriceGrabber
24 June 2008
  • Summary: I bought one of these and it kept freezing, so I exchanged it for another. It worked fine for a couple of months. Now, it freezes, it won't turn on sometimes, and it won't go from menue to menue sometimes. I can understand one bad unit but two in a row. Don't buy this thing
  • Pros: Good picture, Good sound
  • Cons: Totally unreliable
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Overall 10

Great for DivX-just OK for upscaling

Thomas T., Newegg
30 April 2008
  • Summary: Had planned originally on buying the 6000 model of this player but didn't really need 1080p at the time and this was on sale. Have been well pleased. After trying several different brand names, have found in my informal tests that this player plays DivX almost as well(as in a clear, colorful...
  • Pros: After owning more than a year, either I have gotten lucky or it seems that most of the people rating it are the ones that have had bad luck. Think that is mostly how it is anyway; a lot of people who like a product don't bother to rate it so you mostly see the negative reviews. This player has be...
  • Cons: 3 or 4 times in 13 months this player has seemed to lose the sound output for digital sound. Turning the player off and back on seems to fix it. A minor inconvenience for me, but would be major if it happened more often. The upscaling for DVDs is not nearly as impressive as other units I tried, b...
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Overall 2

Toshiba doesn't compare to Sony Tech Support

Mike S., Newegg
20 April 2008
  • Summary: I wouldn't pay $10 bucks for this system. I have bought better used at a garage sale 10 years ago!!
  • Pros: Not a thing, every complaint read here exists in mine
  • Cons: This is my second of this model, sent the first one back thinking it was defective. Not, they are all miserable excuses for DVD players. I bought it because it was HDMI, and relatively inexpensive. This one also has Dolby Digital issues, and wouldn't play without constant loss of signal input to ...
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Overall 10


rita68car, PriceGrabber
18 February 2008
  • Summary: We were able to connect it with ease, and it plays nicely, without any pausing or skipping. WE are not technical in anyway, but we are not having any trouble with this at all.
  • Pros: It takes up little amount of room. clarity
  • Cons: Haven't found a weakness yet.
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Overall 2

Upscales, but skips and pauses

Joseph N., Newegg
4 October 2007
  • Summary: Would not recommend due to the pauses and skips. Bought mine at a local store, would of gone through newegg but i wanted it lol
  • Pros: Upscales my Divx burnt DVDs very nicely but
  • Cons: Player has skiped on almost all dics or paused. sometimes pixeled a bit for a second after a pause.
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Overall 10


msyo2u, PriceGrabber
29 August 2007
  • Summary: I connected it up and starting using right away. The picture quality is superb. Easy on screen menu, just learning about 'UP CONVERT" this is a very good feature this DVD player has.
  • Pros: easy to use remote control, not a lot of traffic on the face of DVD player, very slim
  • Cons: NONE
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Overall 4


Edwin H., Newegg
16 July 2007
  • Summary: Had an earlier model toshiba player (SD-K620) that was great, figured could not go wrong upgrading to an upconverting player with HDMI. Well, I'm switching my old one back to the main TV. Don't like this one at all.
  • Pros: HMDI upconverting. not very expensive.
  • Cons: Flakes out on some DVDs older player works fine on. Pauses and skips sometimes. Pause->turnoff->resume won't work. No elapsed time display on unit.
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Overall 8

decent upconverting DVD player

dehip, PriceGrabber
10 July 2007
  • Summary: decent upconverting DVD player; have used for about 3wks and has worked well without problems. Easy hook-up. An affordable machine if you are trying to wait for HD-DVD/Blu-ray player prices to come down.
  • Pros: easy to set up; good quality picture
  • Cons: remote a little bulky
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Overall 8

Toshiba SD5000 DVD (HDMI)

goodprices, PriceGrabber
23 June 2007
  • Summary: I couldn't get a picture but a quick toll-free call to Toshiba gave me clear instructions (I wasn't using the remote properly). Then I was getting static on some but not all DVDs and another call to a very helpful Toshiba guy again helped me out and now everything operates perfectly.
  • Pros: Great picture, easy to use, has all the features to take advantage of latest TVs
  • Cons: Longer and narrower than standard VCRs and other video components, which makes it difficult to stack.
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Overall 8

Price\Performance sweet spot

james b., Newegg
19 June 2007
  • Summary: i disagree with some the other reviews here. other than the DVD tray the construction quality is solid, and i never have any issues with the sound on the 2 units i own. another note: dont expect the picture to look as clear as true HD quality inputs, the upconverting just cant compete.
  • Pros: The picture quality on the upconverting is great. the HDMI interface is a nice addition. trusted brand.
  • Cons: the DVD tray does seem a little flimsy. no HDMI or component cables included.
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