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Samsung DVD-AR650
4.9 out of 10

Samsung DVD-AR650

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Overall 8

Good, but has limitations

Robert B., Newegg
30 March 2008
  • Summary: Perfect, no. Worth the price, yes.
  • Pros: I bought this DVD recording because I canceled cable and gave up the DVR. I needed an ATSC tuner for my old Sony Trinitron, so this would get me OTA broadcasts and allow me to occasionally record programs. Pros: 1.) The recorder was easy to setup and initial recordings (using a DVD-RAM disc) turn...
  • Cons: 1.) Even though there is an ATSC tuner, the tuner output only goes through the Composite/Component out. It does not output the signal through the antenna coaxial cable to the TV. It does pass the antenna signal through to the TV so I was able to watch NTSC broadcast without the DVD being turned o...
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Overall 4

Cheap ATSC converter for OTA Broadcast

Brian H., Newegg
19 March 2008
  • Summary: Purchase this unit only as a cheap upconverting DVD player, or as an interim NTSA to ATSA converter for 2009. Newegg's price cannot be beaten. However, I just wish that Newegg wasn't carrying this unit as it will give them a huge headache from returns.
  • Pros: This unit is attractive and it records Widescreen without a Letter box (i.e. Panasonic). Remote is Samsung TV friendly, and Samsung TV remotes can control the play functions of this recorder as well.
  • Cons: The IEEE1394 Firewire port simply doesn't work. I've gone through 3 of these units, sending one back twice for repairs, and to date NONE has a functional Firewire port. This means that anyone seeking to dub a DV Camcorder is S.O.L. The t.v. tuner is pretty poor as it offers only 480p max. Althoug...
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Overall 8

Ok for the $$

Aaron D., Newegg
15 March 2008
  • Summary: You MUST FINALIZE a disc to get any other type of dvd player to recognize it. I knew all the issues with this device before I bought it. Bought this after upgrading my cable package to include Starz, HBO, etc.
  • Pros: Record at once, built in HD tuner, PRICE. Records digitally at 480i. Looks good at playback in progressive scan (480p) even when recording in SP mode. Auto chapter creater is nice, but you might wanna do that yourself...
  • Cons: only records to -r media. good luck trying to get a Dual Layer dvd-r. Really. No one sells them except here on newegg, and the selection is quite thin. So if you want to record a movie longer than 2hrs just don't. The quality at 4hrs is really bad on a standard dvd (non-DL). Another con is the "u...
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Overall 8

Nice Unit

Michael C., Newegg
2 March 2008
  • Summary: I bought this to replace an old VCR and to use as a converter box for ATSC OTA TV. It fills the bill nicely.
  • Pros: Easy DVD recording , reasonably quick digital channel changing. This Samsung does a good job receiveing digital and analog OTA TV. Plays DVD's well even DiVX DVD's and CD's. Video output quality is better than my analog TV can show, recording quality is very good on the better quality settings.
  • Cons: Only records to -R media, Sometimes the unit looses digital tv sound and has to be un-plugged to reset. Digital and analog channels are not on the same channel list like my Samsung TV.
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Overall 2

Poor quality product

Steven E., Newegg
28 February 2008
  • Summary: I will not buy this brand DVD player again,
  • Pros: Recording TV shows and movies, the timer record is handy, fast forwarding through commercials
  • Cons: Owned item 2 months, occasionally hangs, sometimes won't read a disc that was just recorded, will randomly stop playing a DVD, Long time to load a disc, Clock is slightly off so it won't keep correct time, somewhat confusing choice of formats and options.
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Overall 2

Lacks Quality

Anonymous, Newegg
28 January 2008
  • Summary: First Unit I received could not read any disks. Very dissappointing. I had to pay for return shipping and wait more than 2 weeks before I received a replacement. not a good experience. Amzn does a much better job. New unit works ok, but it dometimes hangs for a minute or so.
  • Pros: Price Features
  • Cons: Quality Reliability
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Overall 10

Samsung DVD-AR650

William T., Newegg
26 January 2008
  • Pros: works great with Samsung HD TV, pretty esty setup for recording programs. Upconverts all media formats (or trys) with good results.
  • Cons: fairly complicated setup for use with digital cable box/DVR.
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Overall 10

So far so good

Thomas H., Newegg
13 January 2008
  • Pros: I bought this because I snapped off the coax input to my 42" Vizio when I tried to move the TV and it was still hooked to the coax cable to the wall. (I wonder how many people have done this). Rather than carting the whole TV to get the coax input repaired (it ties directly into the digital tuner...
  • Cons: None yet
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Overall 10

Terrific value - HIghly recommended

Tim H., Newegg
25 December 2007
  • Summary: Tiny usint, will fit anywhere. Lots of features. Really glad I bought this one.
  • Pros: Easy to set up and use. Flexible enough to handle my basic needs. I will use it for recording from TV, transfering home movies from VHS, and transfering DV tapes from my current camera to DVD.
  • Cons: My only complaint is that the default for the tuner is "antennae: so it only sees broadcast channels until you go in to set up and chose "cable" so it can see more than a few channels. It's 2007, everyone has cable or satelite by now...
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Overall 6

No HDMI Output

Anthony M., Newegg
17 December 2007
  • Summary: Hopefull the next unit newegg sends was tested properly.
  • Pros: Sleek compact design and easy to setup.
  • Cons: Unit would not project video using HDMI connection on either a Vizio or Olevia HDTV.
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