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Philips DVDR3576H
5.2 out of 10

Philips DVDR3576H

The DVDR3576H/37 is a 160GB Hard Disc and DVR which will store Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Philips DVDR3576H

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Overall 2

Bad Choice

Forrest H., Newegg
14 May 2009
  • Summary: Look elsewhere.
  • Pros: The flexibility of going to hard drive or disk is nice.
  • Cons: Truly an awful product. I've used a number of different DVD recorders from various manufacturers, and never seen one as slow to finalize as this. Unreliable - fails to read discs, only a few weeks after the limited warranty ended.
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Overall 6

Doesn't work with digital cable

Sam M., Newegg
17 January 2009
  • Summary: will be returning this unit.
  • Pros: Good for non-digital cable or over-the-air cable reception I suppose.
  • Cons: Despite all the "digtal tv" jargon used throughout the copy, it does *not* work completely with a digital cable tuner. You can't schedule recordings, and the video image gets scrunched to a smaller view on your screen (smaller than it would be normally, without the unit in place) While you can wa...
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Overall 8

Pretty Darn Good

Mark W., Newegg
13 January 2009
  • Summary: This is my second DVR, replacing a non DTV Panasonic model. Very few recorders with hard disks anymore. This is an excellent choice for converting to DTV.
  • Pros: Makes good quality recordings to hard disk. Easy to use. Receives both analog and digital signals. Great free program guide.
  • Cons: Remote is not funtionally designed -- easy enough to use but with tiny buttons and even tinier lettering that make non-standard operations difficult. No ability to label your programmed recordings -- the machine titles tracks based on date/time/channel -- you need to guess what the program is. Th...
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Overall 8

Nice but cooling fan

Mike V., Newegg
11 January 2009
  • Pros: Nice DVR recorder.
  • Cons: The cooling fan comes on once in a while. Only On/Off shuts it down. No fixfound yet. This might not be a big problem but I am using an RF modulator which also comes on. If someone knows a fix for this cooling fan - please let me know.
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Overall 8

User Review

David G., Newegg
10 January 2009
  • Summary: Also could have done a better job with Timer programs. It doesn't let you title the programs until after they have recorded. My SD version does so again, why on the updated version didn't they eliminate that.
  • Pros: Recorded HD channels look great. Not as good as HD but very very acceptable. Can record to the hard drive and watch your shows when you want. You can adjust the time for the skip ahead/back buttons. Great for bypassing commercials. I set mine for 30 sec skip forward and 20sec skip back. That way ...
  • Cons: QAM tuner doesn't always work and this usually happens when the timer is set to record a show. You may also notice for some HD channels they come in on a slightly different channel than what your HD TV lists them at. For example: CBS should be 106.3 but comes in at 106.2 on the recorder. Also not...
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Overall 10

philips dvd recorder

Anonymous, Newegg
8 January 2009
  • Pros: very easy to operate, works very well, my first purchase from Newegg and very happy.
  • Cons: non so far
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Overall 10

Phillips DVDR3576H

Gerald N., Newegg
2 January 2009
  • Pros: got rid of my Time Warner that never worked right, If you want an easy to use easy to program DVR this is the one to get. If you can program a VCR you can work this one....
  • Cons: NONE
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Overall 8

Very nice, if it were only High Def

Jeff R., Newegg
30 December 2008
  • Summary: Tivo HD recorder may be better picture quality, but there's that pesky monthly subscription fee and the Tivo won't work unless you pay them. For this reason I will never purchase a Tivo. Tivos should have manual scheduling for us cheapskates out there.
  • Pros: Easy to use, works much like a VCR. Digital tuner. Records HD programs in proper 16:9 aspect ratio. IMHO best video recording product on market for those who rely on over the air signals and don't mind less picture quality.
  • Cons: If it were only high def. Downscales HD content to standard definition.
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Overall 4

Think twice

Edwin D., Newegg
27 December 2008
  • Summary: This is the only HDD recorder left on the open market. If you must have a HDD DVR (thought I did), this is your only choice unless you want to pay for TiVo subscription or rent one from your cable provider.
  • Pros: Perfect pass-through of cable signal while powered off. Built-in tuners and easy setup.
  • Cons: Receiver firmware is buggy and interferes with recorder operation. If you stop a DVD playback, it will resume from that position as expected next time you hit play. However, if you change receiver channels, it cancels your DVD playback position -- press play again, and it starts the DVD from the ...
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Overall 8

Good Enough

Eric B., Newegg
13 December 2008
  • Summary: This replaced a similar device of another brand that died recently. Unfortunately the Philips recorder is about the only choice left on the market and may be gone soon. It is a decent machine for pausing live TV and recording commercial TV. There are better DVD-only recorders.
  • Pros: Good quality video recording. Can pause live video. It is not used with an antenna and therefore I cannot comment on broadcast recording.
  • Cons: Records only at pre-defined speeds of 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 6 hours on a DVD, i.e., does not have flexible recording modes to maximum quality when trying to fill a DVD-R. For example a 96 minute program must be recorded at 2 hour speed, unlike some other DVD recorders. Will not record DVDs from some s...
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