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Reviews and Problems with ZOO TYCOON

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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 7
Sound 8
Replay value 9

Zoo Tycoon DS

Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: There are some games that we keep around for a long time, and finally get to a review. I have played Zoo Tycoon off and on for years now. I bought it with the intent of writing a review. Other games that came in bumped this game down in priority. Finally I have gotten to play this game again, and finish it off. Zoo Tycoon does a good job of letting players get the feel of running their very own zoo.
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Zoo Tycoon DS

27 January 2006
Overall 5
Features 6
Gameplay 5
Graphics 3
Sound 1
Lifespan 5

Zoo Tycoon DS

Gaming Target
12 January 2006
  • Summary: Makes me wish I was a captive animal, and not someone playing this game.
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Overall 4

Expert Review

22 November 2005
  • Excerpt: Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon series is an approachable, enjoyable franchise that allows you to build and manage your own menagerie of incredible creatures. It's the kind of game that is played almost exclusively with a mouse, and almost never works out on home or portable consoles. But that's just the niche filled by the Nintendo DS, right? That stylus should open up a world of simulated joy for us all, right? Well, don't count your ostriches before they hatch.
  • Pros: ups: good variety in animals and zoo templates
  • Cons: downs: awkward controls, poor graphics, no music
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Overall 5

Zoo Tycoon DS

Game Over Online
21 November 2005
  • Excerpt: Tedium, thy name is Zoo Tycoon DS. I thought that Zoo Tycoon DS was a novel idea at first. What I remembered of the Tycoon series' gameplay from the PC seemed well-suited for play on the Nintendo DS. Why, then, is Zoo Tycoon completely counter-intuitive? The top screen displays a constant view of your zoo. You use that, the d-pad, and the face buttons to rotate, zoom, scroll, and place things in your zoo. The bottom screen is your infodump.
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Expert Review

11 November 2005

Expert Review

11 November 2005
  • Excerpt: I love going to the zoo. Ever since I was a kid, I have visited the Fort Worth Zoo, watched the monkeys, cautiously went through the reptile exhibit, and looked at the aquarium (before they shut it down. Dang you Forth Worth Zoo!!!). Zoo Tycoon is a title that in theory should be very fun. The Tycoon games have all been very popular and well done on the PC but I never have had a lot of time to spend with them there.
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Overall 4
Gameplay 3
Graphics 1
Sound 1
Control 2
Addiction 7

Zoo Tycoon DS

Nintendo World Report
9 November 2005
  • Summary: The PC phenomenon hits the DS and causes major damage.
  • Pros: There are plenty of missions to keep you occupied.
  • Cons: Awful graphics., To mimic this game's sounds, simply roll around in a pile of dry leaves on an empty stomach., Worst possible control scheme for any game ever.
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Zoo Tycoon DS Review

4 November 2005
  • Excerpt: Of all the tycoon games available on the PC and home consoles, Zoo Tycoon is probably about the easiest one to translate to the Nintendo DS. The concept of the game is simple enough to be shrunk down to portable size without sacrificing too much. Most of what makes Zoo Tycoon interesting and challenging is entirely transparent, so it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to translate the game to a handheld system.
  • Pros: Plenty of scenarios and free-form templates to test your zoo tycoon skills
  • Cons: Next to no sound, stiffly animated animals and guests, and overall lackluster presentation, Cumbersome controls, Limited creative options are quickly exhausted, Only room for one saved game
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28 October 2002
  • Conclusion: This is one of those games that really could have been a lot better then it came out. I think the camera is really this biggest problem with the game and the length of game really takes BloodRayne from a good game to a big disappointment. I would recommend this as a rental, and a buy to all of you scary action game people.
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