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Wario Ware Touched!

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Reviews and Problems with Wario Ware Touched!

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User Review

Michelle, play-asia.com
16 July 2013
  • Summary: I've played a demo of this in a no. of shops looks like fun! Already a owner of Ds and Super Mario 64, it's a really game from what I saw many, many wacky games! Can't wait to buy it!
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User Review

luisx4, play-asia.com
4 June 2013
  • Summary: Not too long but a fantastic game anyway. Is a must have for me!
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User Review

aapol, play-asia.com
11 December 2005
  • Summary: If you enjoy touchscreen gadgets, you'll love this game. Could have used slightly more minigames, though, and doesn't have the replayability of e.g. Meteos.
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User Review

jhpeter, play-asia.com
10 August 2005
  • Summary: This is so amazing gameplay, this must be the best game for use all the power of the stylus. A little tennager game, but its so fun, and only a few games is valueble until now for Ds.
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User Review

niconaus, play-asia.com
23 June 2005
  • Summary: This game is done in a day! You have fun of it 1 day and than you leave it and don't play it again any more!
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User Review

Tonyous, play-asia.com
24 March 2005
  • Summary: 200+ mini games, and your DS will be on charge a lot because this is so addictive. Nintendo never fail to surprise me in their games.
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User Review

rvmcollins, play-asia.com
23 February 2005
  • Summary: Only took four days shipping to New Zealand! Packaging was good although it did actually come open in the post, but luckily nothing was missing. Everything's in perfect condition and we got the game before the DS is even out in this country :D Play Asia is the best :D
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Overall 6

A game that takes some getting used to

DPVC, amazon.co.uk
22 May 2013
  • Summary: The one thing I can tell you about Touched! It's definitely different than Mario Party. The mini games you play here, don't last very long which suits the games frantic pace but doesn't really get you settled into it. In the main hame mode, you can't pick a particular game,instead opting for a characters set of mini games. You can however, play a particular mini game after completing your characters set of games. There are a few problems though.
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Overall 10


brendathecat, amazon.co.uk
20 March 2013
  • Summary: delivered early (though in scratty packaging). Excellent game, equal in quality to the gamecube version and ideal for a quick bus journey game. Lots of unlockables too!
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Overall 8
Value for money 2
Sound quality 6
Gameplay 2
Graphics 6

Wario Ware Touched- Worth a Once Over

lorrainek..., Ciao
25 November 2011
  • Excerpt: Wario Ware: Touched is a game that tests your reaction time to complete tasks in a short time against the clock, this game in my opinion is much better on the Nintendo Wii as it is much more entertaining and on the DS i found this game a bit boring and easy after I had completed it once. You go through different levels which all have different themes or stories behind them (e.g.
  • Pros: some good minigames
  • Cons: gets repetitive fast !
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