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Turn It Around

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Reviews and Problems with Turn It Around

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Overall 6

gets old quick...

amf111462 "adult gamer", Amazon
6 October 2007
  • Summary: constant turning of the stylus on the touch screen got old quick and I am an adult who LOVES my DS because of the games played with the stylus (educational, puzzle, reflex, timed games, etc.), but this one began to feel like I could develop carpal tunnel with the next rotation of my wrist!!!!! A better touch game is the Wario Ware Touched!! I love it and it has a "puzzle, beat the clock, stylus" feel to all the games and it has a little old school formula to it..
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Overall 6

Kind of a disappointment...

Graphic Novel / Manga Reader "ownstoomanybooks", Amazon
25 September 2007
  • Summary: I am an adult gamer. The game sounded like fun with variety of things to do! For the description it says: Use the Touch Screen turn wheel to play 24 unique mini games. I found out it was mostly using the stylus in a circular motion to move the wheel. That's it. For almost all the games you just turn the wheel. I'm thinking, "is that all I get to do, draw circles?" Eventually I got tired of turning the wheel for different games. I didn't care for that.
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Overall 2

The only things circling around this game are metaphorical vultures.

alf_fly, Dooyoo
16 August 2009
  • Excerpt: Nintendo's aim with the dual-screen, touch-sensitive DS was to encourage game developers to think in new ways about how the gamer can interact with games in the hope that this would lead to interesting new titles. The developers of Turn It Around did just that - they thought of exactly one new way of interacting with a game and ran with it. Turn It Around is a minigame collection where all of the games are based around a single control method - that of turning.
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Overall 10

This game is a lot of fun

doggydogfoot, Dooyoo
4 September 2008
  • Excerpt: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~GAMEPLAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turn it around is a unique game by 505 games which comprises of 25 mini games. In each of the minigames you have to use either your stylus or the arrow keys to navigate the game. The games are really simple for example in the pottery game youu have to keep the plates spinning and not let them fall. In the hammer throw game you have to spin the person and release the ball so it goes as far as ppossible.
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Overall 6

A wheel spinning mini game frenzy!

otalgia, Dooyoo
12 August 2008
  • Excerpt: About the Game -------------------- Released in 2006 by 505 Games, turn it around is a series of 25 mini-games for the Nintendo DS. All of the games are controlled by spinning an onscreen wheel with your stylus, hence the games name. Gameplay ------------ On loading the cartridge you can choose whether to play single player or two player mode (via wifi).
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