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Pet Pals: Animal Doctor

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Reviews and Problems with Pet Pals: Animal Doctor

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Overall 2


21 April 2012
  • Summary: So this game is fun at first but then after a while it gets boring. All you do is the same thing over and over again. You don't have any goals to try and complete, you just take care of animal after animal. You dont even get to leave the vet office. I guess it could be fun if you enjoy repitition. I wouldn't recommend this game.
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Overall 6


momof2, Amazon
28 December 2010
  • Summary: Got this game for my 9 year old who loves animals. The game is a little harder to play. In one area of the the game, it keeps going to the same scene. However my 9 year old did say she would recommend this game to others.
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Overall 8

Introducing your child to animal care

Eagle Vision, Amazon
2 November 2009
  • Summary: Being a physician, and having a child interested in treating animals, I wanted my daughter to try this game. You start with a tutorial, walking the user through a typical patient encounter. You begin by taking a history, taking vital signs, and doing a physical assessment. Then there are various types of treatment that can be rendered based upon the disease of your patient. As you examine the pets, there is feedback on patient comfort.
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Overall 8

i give it four stars for a reason

S. Hart, Amazon
2 November 2009
  • Summary: Pet Pals is a fun game that lets you explore and learn how to be a vet. When done with a patient you feel good a bout yourself because it feels as if you just saved an innocent animal. Now the bad part.....when you finish a leval (say..easy) and go on to a different one its the same thing you just did except with no flashing icons and its not even harder and there arent harder tasks and there arent different types of animals.
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Overall 10

The Best Animal / Pet Game - Fun AND Learning

Brian Dreyer "DS Fan", Amazon
2 November 2009
  • Summary: My kids love this game and unlike other pey/animal games, here they actually learn something and have fun learning. The sounds, colors and actions are really engaging for the kids and we all have fun with the Triva game... again fun and education and they actually feel like a real Vet! This is a can't miss 'no-brainer' if you have kids and would like them to learn somethin every now and then while having fun with their Ninetndo DS! WELL worth the money...
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Overall 8

really nice game!!!!!

Jersey Girl 137 "Jersey Girl 137", Amazon
8 October 2009
  • Summary: Hi everyone! i am 11 i love this game,you play as a vet and have to treat animal such as dogs,cats,lizards,and even GOLDFISH!!!! this game has great grafics,altho, there is only one time were you get to to SURGERY,most of it is just stuff like not eating and sweating. this game is long, which i like,and you can visit the animals in the recovery room and take care or them. you can also to mini games and trivia.
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User Review

johnny28, play-asia.com
6 September 2009
  • Summary: Both my daughters loved this game, ages 8 and 10. Their level of interest was maintained til the end which was unusual for most games like these! Also friends who have tried the game have liked it too. It would make an ideal present for a girl who likes looking after animals or dreams of being a vet, because it has a greater level of detail then just feed, clean and play!
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Overall 8


rexxnewton, Amazon
28 November 2008
  • Summary: This is good - allows you to do a bit of virtual reality stuff with respect to being a Vet and involving pets.
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Overall 4

Logic is lacking

Schizocat, Amazon
30 March 2008
  • Summary: It's a cute game and semi-educational, but sometimes things just don't make sense. I often end up hitting the hint button because I've tried to inspect the parts of the animal that were mentioned by the owner and they're wrong. Then the hint says to look at something unrelated out of nowhere. There's nothing to direct you that way. Items can't be done out of order whether or not they're related.
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