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Reviews and Problems with Ontamarama

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Overall 10

Quirky Story Fun Gameplay!

Prince of Peace, Amazon
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: This is a fun puzzle block game! It has a quirky story and interesting game play! Give it a Play!
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User Review

hy00ga, play-asia.com
23 November 2011
  • Summary: hmmm it's so so game i buy it because special price ^^
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User Review

arnaudpichon, play-asia.com
13 April 2011
  • Summary: I found this game fun to play for a bit, but it doesn't leave strong memories.
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Overall 8

Challenging and fast paced

Nunya Biz, Amazon
18 February 2010
  • Summary: I am a huge rhythm game fan and own just about every rhythm based DS game out there (even the cheesy ones) and this one is by far the most challenging. As other reviewers have stated, you must use both your stylus and the up,down,side to side buttons (for right handed) or A, B, X, Y (for left handed). I'm STILL in easy mode and trying to perfect or at least better my score in those levels. Each song proves more difficult and at a fast pace, too.
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Overall 10

One Of The Most Difficult Rhythm Action Games (and I'm pretty good at them)

Autumn May, Amazon
10 January 2010
  • Summary: This is a must-have for people who enjoy rhythm action games (games that involve hitting targets to the beat of music). In this game you have critters that appear on the lower screen, corresponding to scrolling notes across the top. Your objective is to tap and circle the correctly colored critters, which will "activate" screening notes - then, within the same two seconds, you use the directional cross (simultaneously, sometimes, the button pad as well!
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Overall 4

A lot harder than it looks!

Suze, Amazon
12 February 2009
  • Summary: I know rhythm games have a steep learning curve, but Ontamarama was too much for me to handle. The game requires you to simultaneously use the stylus and the A, B, X, and Y buttons (right, huge suprise there). Sounds easy enough, but by the 3rd or 4th round, things get pretty crazy. The meanuvers you have to exectue with the stylus get really complicated, and the tempo goes from like 120 bpm to 190 bpm in just a few songs.
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Overall 10


Rainbowsntrees, Amazon
19 January 2009
  • Summary: This is an awesome rhythm game and well worth the money. On easy mode, the difficulty progresses at a reasonable rate. Normal mode is more challenging, ... and then there's hard mode. In free play (after completing the story and unlocking the levels), I have mastered most of the levels in easy mode, some of the levels in normal mode, and none to date in hard mode. I have been playing for several weeks and this game is definitely a permanent part of my DS game collection.
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Overall 10

An awesome game!!!

3 November 2008
  • Summary: This a great game for everyone. It is very cute and it is very easy to play. It is a great game for music fans who love nintendo DS and musical connected games. It is a very good game and you should buy it!!!
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Overall 6


Xoie Reviewy "Xoie", Amazon
8 January 2008
  • Summary: Ontamarama is a cute and fun game where you tap ontama then press a direction on the control pad at the right time. This 2 step process is done to interesting music. The game has varying difficulty levels so I can't really complain that the harder ones are indeed a lot harder. It definitely will give you a challenge if you're into that sort of thing. Its not too long but the idea is replay value.
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