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Reviews and Problems with Nintendogs

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Overall 8

Nintendogs + Cats Review

4 March 2013
  • Conclusion: If you love adorable pet sims, Nintendogs + Cats is a must-buy. It will melt your heart. If, however, you don't dig cute things, or if you just want a Nintendo 3DS game that's a bit more fast-paced, hook your leash up to another diversion.
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Overall 10
Gameplay 10
Graphics 9
Sound 10
Replay value 10


Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: Nintendogs took Japan by storm. Nintendogs is taking America by storm as well. What is this quirky little dog trainer simulation that has so many people saying: "good boy," and/or "good girl" to their Nintendo DS? Well simply put Nintendogs is a game with digital puppies. There are eighteen different breeds in total (only five are selectable from the start - with the rest unlockable). The player starts by picking a puppy to take home.
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Overall 8


24 June 2012
  • Pros: Shows off everything your DS can do, Not as big a time sink as you'd think, Gosh, they're cute
  • Cons: Voice commands are tricky in public, The novelty of going walkies wears off, They just pretend to love you
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Overall 7

Nintendogs + Cats

Nintendo World Report
19 May 2011
  • Summary: A new generation of puppies and kittes is born into glorious 3D.
  • Pros: Great visuals, Plenty to see and do
  • Cons: Not much interaction, Sound design feels a bit uncreative
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Overall 9
Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 9

Nintendogs: Lab & Friends

Game Boyz
10 September 2010
  • Excerpt: 1 Player (single player mode) 2 Players (wireless DS multi-cartridge play) Touch Screen Compatible Microphone Compatible Cartridge Save Having had a chance to experiment with Nintendogs at E3 in May of this year I was enticed by the ability to raise a puppy, virtual of course, without the mess of real dog hair all over my living room. Since that time Nintendo has finally released the final product and raising my virtual puppy is more fun then I had hoped.
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Expert Review

25 July 2008

Expert Review

26 January 2008
  • Excerpt: Get the scoop on Nintendogs, the virtual puppy game for Nintendo DS, with our game review!
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Overall 6

SOCOM 4: Special Forces

21 January 2008
  • Excerpt: As gamers, we so easily get used to natural improvements in games: Enemies and friends acting effectively on the screen to aid or block you in meeting your objectives. Every so often you come across a game where these actions aren’t as smart as the best out there and the gameplay is described as “solid” rather than “exciting” or “inspiring”. SOCOM: 4/Special Forces/U.S.
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Nintendogs – Review

9 January 2008
  • Excerpt: During recent debates on the matter of the emotional impact in gaming, people tend to forget one very important reaction to virtual worlds, a reaction both profound and necessary for a satisfying gaming experience: empathy. A force that enables us to identify and feel with a distant being, empathy in ICO showed us how to care for someone else, The Sims made us look out for somebody leading the alternate life we maybe always dreamed of, and Tropico sparked empathy for a...
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Nintendogs Review

2 January 2008
  • Excerpt: 250,000 sold in its opening week in the US. Almost two million units shifted worldwide. A version featuring cats planned. Heck, even prominent displays in GAME. When it comes to Nintendogs, you sense another Nintendo behemoth rolling ominously this way, flattening all before it. Except that, in this case, the astronomical sales are refreshingly justified - Nintendogs is a splendid title and one of the strongest DS creations yet.
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