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Overall 10
Value for money 10

User Review

NeyLani, Walmart
28 July 2014
  • Summary: Bought this for my daughter's birthday and she loves it. It's different and we had never heard about until I bought it. It's fun!
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Overall 8


Cannon, Amazon
11 May 2013
  • Summary: My kids like the game...as long as they like it then I would recommend it to others..
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Overall 8

Hidden Adventure Gem for DS

TrustworthyUziHorowitz - Impartial Poster Who..., Amazon
27 April 2012
  • Summary: I bought this game since Crackpot Entertainment was formed by ex-LucasArts employees who worked on some of the most memorable PC games of the '90s. Insecticide shows its roots immediately, because the adventure gameplay and cast of colorful characters is very reminiscent of classic LucasArts adventure games. The writing and dialogue's both sharp and witty.
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Overall 8

good game

mwkk11, Amazon
15 December 2011
  • Summary: bought this for my nephew and all i got to say is it shiped fast and a great game for little ones
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Overall 4

Got stuck

Nico, Amazon
26 March 2011
  • Summary: I was really enjoying this game and was playing along when I got to a part where I had to find items. I found all but one, but I could not find it at all. The game would not let me move on until I found the item, so I tried several times with no success. And then I quit playing it. Recently I traded the game in at Gamestop. I cannot recommend this game to anyone. I couldn't give it one star because I didn't hate it, but I thought about it.
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Overall 6

PC version does not work well

G. Lomb "gp-lomb productions", Amazon
17 November 2010
  • Summary: I downloaded the PC version of this game and found it to work on only one of six computers I own. Apparently, the vendor needs to be more specific about the system requirements. I do not recommend purchase of the PC version of this game unless you can get the vendor to agree to take the game back (and to refund ALL costs of purchase) if the game does not work on your PC!
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Overall 6

Fun Adventure Game for DS

Michael A. Kelly "Mikekelly", Amazon
22 July 2008
  • Summary: A decent game fun little adventure game. I just bought a few new adventure games for my DS and I really looked forward to this one. This adventure game, however is not a favorite of reviewers - for good reason. The game is a hybrid adventure game and platform game in one, and the graphics are quite plain in the platform section. A great game this is not. While this game has its flaws, the adventure portions are quite good and engaging.
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Overall 3
Gameplay 2
Graphics 6
Sound 1


Caffiend , GameStop
15 April 2008
  • Summary: Ironically for a game called Insecticide, this game is crawling with bugs. And not the characters in the story, I'm talking glitchy controls and just problems all around. The game looks like it was a first generation title for the PS1. It's absolutely horrible. I'm a HUGE fan of this guy because of Psychonauts but this game is NOTHING like it. Seriously. Personally I'd stay away. This was bad. One of the MAJOR problems though is how dark the game is.
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Overall 8

Action a little buggy, but still fun for all.

Patricia D. McCoy "There are older and younge..., Amazon
27 March 2008
  • Summary: Insecticide is kind of a subspecie, part action/platformer part point and click adventure. Sounds good? Well, read on. You start off in a dystopic future where insects have become the dominant species. You're officer Chrys Lyst, a young female... well, whatever you are, with your grisled detective partner, Roachy. He serves as narration and provides most of the old cheesy detective movie dialogue, which I have to say actually grows on you and is quite charming.
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