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Flower, Sun, and Rain

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Reviews and Problems with Flower, Sun, and Rain

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Review – Flower, Sun and Rain

28 June 2010
  • Conclusion: All of these descriptions fit the story of Flower, Sun, and Rain in some way, and even the fact that Kafka’s work was often left unfinished and unresolved fits with the idea that the game’s conflict feels unfinished without having played through Silver Case. It is for these reasons why, despite the poor design choices, I cannot in good faith claim that Suda51 has no idea what he is doing.
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Overall 6

Suffering for Art

Game Informer
22 September 2009
  • Conclusion: Concept: Solve a mystery in a hotel by walking to lots of places Graphics: Pretty blocky, but pulls it off thanks to the stylistic art direction Sound: The twists on familiar tunes create a great atmosphere Playability: Backtracking and fetch quests comprise the majority of your time with the controls Entertainment: If you can bully through the awful pacing and structure, the story is neat Replay: Moderately Low
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Overall 7
Graphics 5
Sound 8
Control 7
Addiction 7

Flower, Sun, and Rain Review

Cheat Code Central
16 August 2009
Overall 4
Gameplay 4
Graphics 4
Sound 5
Control 6
Addiction 6

Flower, Sun and Rain

Nintendo World Report
13 August 2009
  • Summary: I've got that DS feeling ... that this game isn't very fun.
  • Pros: Occasionally humorous dialog
  • Cons: Gameplay is shallow, Graphics and sound are sub-par, Puzzle solving is a chore
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Overall 4

Flower, Sun, and Rain review (DS)

29 July 2009
  • Excerpt: Sumio immediately finds the entire island is stuck in a time loop, though he perceives it as a sort of dream. Every morning he rises with his singular goal in mind, but he always gets sidetracked by an unrelated request. Hell, it takes him a week's worth of days just to make it outside the hotel grounds. Once his daily task is completed, the doomed airliner explodes overhead, right on schedule. Time for the next wakeup call.
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Flower, Sun and Rain

24 July 2009
  • Conclusion: Flower, Sun and Rain is the same way: it is an experience you enjoy despite the core gameplay mechanics, simply because what you are presented and offered up is something you simply aren't prepared for (something sadly missing in the world of sequels and "me too" games we're inundated with these days). So, taking all of that into account, I cannot, with any clear conscience, recommend Flower, Sun and Rain to everyone.
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Overall 4
Gameplay 3
Looks 5

Flower, Sun, and Rain (DS) - Review

14 July 2009
  • Excerpt: Flower, Sun, and Rain has finally made its way to the U.S., and in doing so it may have earned itself the right of being among the most niche titles ever to be placed onto a DS cartridge. Originally released as a PS2 title in Japan in 2001 and designed by Suda51 of Killer7 and No More Heroes fame, Flower, Sun, and Rain has a difficult time escaping not only subpar visuals and gameplay mechanics, but poor game design that would be deemed “bad” in any year.
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Overall 5

NDS Review - 'Flower, Sun and Rain'

6 July 2009
  • Summary: Flower, Sun and Rain is a mystery adventure, in the vein of Groundhog Day, where you play a detective charged with locating and defusing a bomb by solving thought-provoking puzzles with a wealth of bizarre outcomes.
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Overall 4

Flower Sun And Rain

AV Club
6 July 2009
  • Conclusion: A patience-trying acquired taste.
  • Pros: The story, which perfectly nails a dreamlike tone and is full of surprises from beginning to end.
  • Cons: If you aren’t doing math or reading, you’re walking very slowly to do math or reading.
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Flower, Sun and Rain (DS)

Crispy Gamer
2 July 2009
  • Excerpt: Welcome to the review of Flower, Sun and Rain -- Crispy Gamer's critical response to the Nintendo DS rerelease of the classic game by Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture. What? You're wondering why I'm talking to you like this? Me, too. But before we get to that question, let me ask you something. Why do you play videogames? Don't answer yet. Let it simmer in your brain a bit. Okay, then. Let's move on.
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