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Disgaea DS

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Reviews and Problems with Disgaea DS

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Overall 8

Disgaea DS

24 June 2012
  • Pros: Just as deep as the original PS2 game, Lots of replay value, Level 9,999
  • Cons: Dated graphics, Too much emphasis on power leveling, Hardly anything new in this port
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Overall 7
Graphics 4
Sound 4
Storyline 8
Originality 6

X Y B X Y B A -- Etna Surprise!

1 March 2010
  • Excerpt: Disgaea DS tells the story of Laharl, demon prince of the Netherworld. After waking from an extended nap he discovers that the overlord, his father, has died from choking on a black pretzel. Without anyone to lead the throngs of demons who make the land of the wicked dead their home, what little order once existed has given way to outright rebellion.
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Overall 6

Disgaea DS

11 October 2009
  • Excerpt: Done well, RPGs can be extremely gripping experiences. It’s always a nice feeling when you come across one you really enjoy, getting involved in the story, upgrading your characters then watching ingenious strategies you’ve spent ages conducting come to fruition and wipe out enemies before your very eyes. Done badly, however, and the opposite is true.
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Overall 8

Test Disgaea DS

Generation NT
26 September 2009
  • Conclusion: En attendant que Nippon Ichi nous refasse le même coup avec le deuxième opus, Disgaea DS saura convaincre grâce au soin apporté à ce portage. De par l'aspect pratique de la console, qui permet de commencer une partie et de l'interrompre quand on le souhaite, sa carte tentant de pallier aux soucis de caméra, ainsi que la traduction des textes dans la langue de Jean D'Ormesson, il peut sans complexe se parer du titre de la meilleure version de Disgaea premier du nom.
  • Pros: Une recette inchangée et toujours efficace, Des textes en français, Une carte supplémentaire pour se repérer
  • Cons: Fonction stylet hautement dispensable, Un scénario pas si entraînant que ça
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Overall 8
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Control 8
Addiction 9

Disgaea DS Review

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9 August 2009

Disgaea DS (Nintendo DS) Review

11 April 2009

DS Review: Disgaea DS

Video Games Reloaded
27 March 2009
Overall 8

Disgaea DS

Hardcore Gamer
5 March 2009
  • Summary: Disgaea DS is a grid-based strategy RPG, and is mostly a straight port of Disgaea for the PS2. As with the original, players guide Laharl, the demon prince of the Netherworld, through a ridiculous plot to reclaim the throne of the Netherworld in the face of his father’s death. After a two-year nap, the prince is a little rusty, but with some help from his loyal vassals—silly, demonic penguins with knives, known as "prinnies"—he plans to make great strides, and even...
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Overall 8

Disgaea DS

4 March 2009
  • Conclusion: It’s arguable that the PSP version is still the definitive PAL release, but the DS version doesn’t lag far behind. Such a niche title is a rare treasure on Nintendo’s handheld, serving as a meticulously hardcore game on a device where such games are becoming increasingly scarce. It’s a testament to the quality of Disgaea itself that I’ve now played it extensively – and will continue to play it – on three platforms without feeling much in the way of boredom.
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Overall 10

NDS Review - 'Disgaea DS'

25 February 2009
  • Summary: Disgaea DS offers a deep strategy RPG experience with an exceptional story, a fantastic script, and a host of loveable characters and settings. An all-new story focus means a completely different experience for the player, not to mention a brand new ending.
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