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Bubble Bobble Revolution
5.3 out of 10

Bubble Bobble Revolution

Bub and Bob must find their missing friends in a furious game th Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Bubble Bobble Revolution

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Bubble Bobble Revolution (Nintendo DS) Review

24 November 2013
Overall 6
Gameplay 2
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Replay value 7

Bubble Bobble Revolution

Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: For a long time I have been a fan of the Bubble Bobble series. I found Bubble Bobble Revolution for the Nintendo DS in a bargain bin, and decided to purchase it. Please read my review fully, and learn from my mistake.
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Overall 3

Bubble Bobble Revolution

24 June 2012
  • Pros: Classic Bubble Bobble still rocks, Multiplayer Classic, Original Bubble Bobble music
  • Cons: Can only play to level 30, Split screen is confusing, Multiplayer needs multiple Game Cards
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Expert Review

25 July 2008
Overall 3

Bubble Bobble Revolution

Game Vortex
23 April 2008
  • Excerpt: Bubble Bobble Revolution is a game that would probably have been better left unmade. While it shares the same premise as the original, it adds a number of enhancements and glitches that make it hard to enjoy.
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Overall 4
Gameplay 0
Graphics 0
Sound 1
Versatility 0
Funfactor 0

Bubble Bobble Revolution (DS) Review

2 November 2007
  • Summary: Anyone hoping that this game delivers on its promised revolution will certainly have his or her bubble burst.
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Overall 2

Bubble Bobble Revolution

Auracore MediaWorks
26 February 2007
  • Summary: A tragedy to anyone who ever enjoyed the classic title.
  • Pros: Includes the original bubble bobble game.
  • Cons: Everything else; impossible to finish; buggy and unpolished; terrible gameplay; overly difficult; not fun in the least.
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Overall 3

Bubble Bobble Revolution review (DS)

9 November 2006
  • Excerpt: Every so often, old-school enthusiasts are treated to revamped versions of their favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games. While some of them are just weak attempts at cashing in on recognizable titles, others become classics in their own right.
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Expert Review

29 October 2006
  • Excerpt: I jumped at the chance to review Bubble Bobble Revolution for the Nintendo DS because the arcade game was fun (I remember it from “back in the day) and understood that it would be included in the DS game along with a new updated sequel of sorts.
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Overall 6

Bubble Bobble Revolution

Gaming Evolution
22 October 2006
  • Conclusion: Bubble Bobble Revolution is a good investing for those old school gamers who want to take their love of Bubble Bobble portable. You still get that same great fun and action that the game packed more than fifteen years ago, but was un able to make the adaptation to the modern times.
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