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Fisher & Paykel DE62T27CW2
6.4* out of 10

Fisher & Paykel DE62T27CW2

AeroSmart is the perfect match to Fisher and Paykel's AquaSmart™ Read more

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AeroSmart is the perfect match to Fisher and Paykel's AquaSmart™ High Efficiency washer. AeroSmart is part of the family of the world's first large capacity top loading dryers. AeroSmart has autosensing to ensure clothes are evenly dried. High airflow fan speeds up the drying process. The AeroSmart dryer also has 18 Lifecycle options - pre programmed settings that give superior drying results from an Allergy cycle to a Blanket Dry cycle. Available in both electric and gas.
Large capacity 6.2 cu.ft
18 Specialty Lifecycles 18 Specialty Lifecycles AEROsmart dryers provide 18 unique lifecycle options for optimum drying conditions. Select from Handwash,Jeans (Fashion/Workwear), Freshen Up,Warm Up,Dry Clean,Comforter(Feather/Synthetic), Pillows(Feather/Synthetic), Allergy,Shirts,Towels,Soft Toys,Sports Wear Light/Heavy,Outdoor Wear,Protection Equipment and the dryer will do the rest. 3 Phase induction motor 3 Phase induction motor Complete control over the speed and direction of the drum for catching and unlatching the drum door or slowing to reverse direction during drying. The three phase induction motor has evolved from years of research and development spent on our Smart Drive motor technology. Air Dry Automatic cooldown Autosensing Autosensing Allows the dryer to adjust drying time and heat control so garments are not subjected to heat or tumbling for any longer than necessary. Creasables Option Creasables Option At the end of an Intuitive drying cycle the rotating drum combined with cool air helps garments remain crease free and rotation can be periodical for up to 24 hours if needed. Denim cycle Designed for Reliability Digital Display/Progress Screen Digital Display/Progress Screen During your Intuitive drying cycle a display screen displays the progress of your load with a series of messages. Dryer Animations Easy to clean Electric connection End of Cycle Beeps Fabric Type Fabric Type Just select the fabric type from Heavy, Mixed, Casual, Dry and Wear, Light and Air Dry and the machine does the rest. Material types can then be autosensed for the optimum drying conditions. High Airflow Fan High Airflow Fan Intuitive dryers feature a high airflow fan to ensure a faster drying process while keeping the overall heat lower to protect garments. Key lock Large capacity top loader 6.2 cu ft Large capacity top loader The large dry load capacity matches our largest washer giving you the ability to transfer a complete load Lid lock Lint Bucket Lint Bucket The self cleaning lint filter continuously removes build-up and deposits it in a super capacity bucket. This provides the most efficient drying conditions at all stages of the cycle. Reverse tumbling to prevent tangling Self cleaning lint filter Self Levelling Feet Smart Loading Ergonomic Design Smart Loading Ergonomic Design This dryer has been ergonomically designed with a wide opening to allow easy access to remove items, whilst giving a clear view of the drum so no items are missed. Soft Touch Controls Soft Touch Controls Intuitive dryers feature a control panel with an LCD display panel designed for easy operation. Simply push the power button, select the fabric type and push Start. The soft touch controls are designed to be more user friendly than a dial and easier to activate and select cycle options. Stainless Steel Drum Stainless Steel Drum Durable materials resist scuffing, staining and scratching ensuring hygenic good looks throughout the products life Time Dry Wrinkle guard
Manufacturers Warranty (years) 1 year
Release Date
First seen
29 September 2010