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Behringer GDI21 V-Tone Guitar Driver

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Reviews and Problems with Behringer GDI21 V-Tone Guitar Driver

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Does it sound like a SansAmp?

heavens to betsy, amazon.com
23 December 2011
  • Summary: This pedal sounds comparable to the SansAmp. It's pretty good. I'm picky about guitar tone. It sounds backward hearing myself say it, but GDI21 is acceptable.
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Get a power adapter

Matty C, amazon.com
26 March 2011
  • Summary: I use this as a pre-amp to plug my guitar into garage band on my mac. I tend to keep the settings pretty neutral and use the effects in garage band. I like the price and the fact that I can use to jam through a PA if so desired. I think the effects will be more useful in that setting.
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Powerful guitar amp modeler

Octavio Barreto, amazon.com
10 November 2010
  • Summary: When i bought it, i needed a preamp but it is more than a preamp, it is a very complete box. You can use like a guitar modeler with several sound options when changing the positions of the switches in the front panel (drive, treble, bass and level controls and amp, mod and mic switches, i dont use the ground switch) and create several sounds like Jazz, distortion, clean, rock, metal, blues.
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Noisy and Somewhat Nasty

Anchoret, amazon.com
7 November 2010
  • Summary: While I'm a big fan of the BDI21, the GDI21 was a disappointment. It's hugely noisy above unity gain and never actually quiet, which pretty drastically limits its usefulness in its intended role as a studio DI unless it's used with a noise gate of some sort. The BRIT and CALIF settings pretty much sound like every cheap dirtbox in the world -- harsh, gritty and nasty. The MIC settings just seem to add layers of muffling to the signal.
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A cheap must have "fail safe" if you gig!

Chip Ahoy, amazon.com
14 September 2010
  • Summary: If you're like me, you really don't want to bring a spare amp to a gig, but if your amp fails during a gig, you're screwed. Not if you've got one of these... its a cheap version of a "SansAmp" direct box with amp modeling and EQ. Its got an XLR out on it so if your amp dies you can plug your effects into this thing and go directly through the PA in a matter of minutes.
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Good distortions.

rainwoodman, amazon.com
15 March 2010
  • Summary: Received the pedal two days ago. The good: The pedal comes with several recommended settings in the manual. All of the distortions are good. Powerful and sensitive. Much easier to carry around than my dated GT6. And it's so cheap. The bad: the clean tweed sound is a nightmare to me. especially when plugged into mixer + headphones. It sounds either unbearably flat(at higher gain) or dry(at lower gain). People may still like the sound but I don't.
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Goog Guitar Amp Modeler

Ven2 "VEN2", amazon.com
24 May 2009
  • Summary: The GDI21 sound great when you plug your guitar in a PA whithout amp. I used my boss pedals them go to de GDI21.
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the best clean sound

AZEVEDO, amazon.com
7 May 2009
  • Summary: Very nice pedal. Its a copy of GT2. And the clean sound, its the best. He cames with a Treeble and Bass equalizer; simulates three tipes of amps; three amp mode; 3 micro mode; soo for this price, you need do take this pedal do your set.
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T. W. Harbron "Tommy", amazon.co.uk
30 March 2011
  • Summary: i have got to say this little unit is amazing for the price paid it is fantastic for anyone struggling to get a good sound whiles't home recording to a multitrack machine Tascam etc i have some VERY exspensive gear but this little beauty more than holds its own i highly rate this as a verry good buy indeed
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User Review

Crackle, thomann.de
27 July 2013
  • Summary: Zuerst sollte man sich Fragen was man zu dem Preis erwartet. Wenn man seine Ansprüche auf ein reales Maß abgestimmt hat, dürfte man ziemlich begeistert sein von dieser kleinen Zauberkiste. Analogmodeling ist ein Schlagwort, das man sonst nur von SansAmp u.ä. kennt, hier kostet es allerdings nur ein Drittel! Einen A/B Vergleich würde es wahrscheinlich nicht bestehen, wobei sich die Frage stellt, wie weit das im Mix noch auffällt.
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