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Behringer FBQ800 Minifbq Ultra Compact 9 Band Graphic Equalizer

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Reviews and Problems with Behringer FBQ800 Minifbq Ultra Compact 9 Band Graphic Equalizer

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Surprisingly high quality

Intrigid, B&H Photo
12 September 2014
  • Excerpt: I bought 2 of these units: one for my studio monitors, and one for my pro quality headphones. The 9 bands (1 per octave) are just enough to shape a perfectly balanced sound on both. There plenty of nice little touches on these units, such as output gain, 12db slider range, on/off switch at the front, level meter switchable to show either input or output. For such a cheap unit, I was worried about possible added noise. Worry not, as there is none.
  • Pros: Compact, Easy To Use, Excellent Sound, Low Distortion, Powerful, Versatile
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Johanan, B&H Photo
27 June 2014
  • Excerpt: I use this in my project studio as my interface only has EQ's within the computer. This EQ lets me have balanced sound through my studio monitors. It is very easy to use and is very effective in getting just the sound you want without feedback or distortion or speaker rattling. I was hesitant at first becasue of the price and the simplicity, but this is exactly what I needed. Works just fine!
  • Pros: Compact, Easy To Use, Excellent Sound, Low Distortion, Powerful, Versatile
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Perfect for my needs

Andy8400, B&H Photo
1 June 2014
  • Excerpt: Because of a small listening room, I had used a larger Beheringer equalizer to even out the resonances overall, using CDs as the source. My turntable uses a MC cartridge that, despite a high gain MC phono preamp, still didn't reach the level or bass impact as its equivalent CD did. So I purchased this ridiculously inexpensive FBQ800 to feed the line input because it also equalized the volume to the same level as my orher sources.
  • Pros: 6-12 Db Switch, Compact, Easy To Use, Excellent Sound, Low Distortion, Versatile
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My best hifi investment ever.

Sletteb, B&H Photo
28 January 2014
  • Excerpt: The unit works very well, I can hear no extra noise or distortion or "veil" added to the sound. It is not so much for evening out every little bump on the frequency response, more a kind of advanced tone-control unit, as I see it. For exemple: Get rid of the too lean sound of the AKG K701 headphones while keeping their excellent soundstage etc?
  • Pros: Compact, Easy To Use, Excellent Sound, Low Distortion
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A very good product

Mario, B&H Photo
26 April 2013
  • Excerpt: Excellent for my headphones.
  • Pros: Compact, Easy To Use, Excellent Sound, Low Distortion, Versatile
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Great Buy

Andrew, B&H Photo
29 August 2012
  • Excerpt: I bought this unit to complement the Behringer AMP800 that I ordered (also from B&H) not long ago. All of the Mini Series components are designed to stack on top of each other, so these two look great together. Rather than trying to adjust the audio properties of each program on my computer individually, I figured it would be easier and better to find a good hardware solution that let's me fine-tune all the audio from my computer.
  • Pros: Compact, Easy To Use, Excellent Sound, Lightweight, Low Distortion, Versatile
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Solved my sound problems

limpha, B&H Photo
21 November 2011
  • Excerpt: We broadcast some church services over the internet. We were having problems with the sound being overmodulated, especially with people that have voices. The FBQ800 cleaned up all the sounds without any extra work, and for those very deep voices, a few tweeks and they sounded great.
  • Pros: Compact Design, Excellent Sound Quality
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great unit, but might need repair

smart shopper, amazon.com
17 November 2011
  • Summary: I wanted to write this review to inform those of you who might have bought this unit and thought it quit on them after year. For a while, the LEDs on the unit had not been coming on as bright, especially the ones on the equalizer bands. I thought it was just due to low quality parts not making good contact.. or something.
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Great little unit for portable applications

N. Smith, amazon.com
15 September 2011
  • Summary: I purchased this unit because I couldn't locate an acceptably affordable decent quality line-level preamplifier to pair up with my QSC GX5 amplifier. The Behringer documentaton merely describes this unit's gain control as an input "level control". I was pleased to discover that it can indeed be setup to perform as a master gain (volume) control via the associated IN/OUT "control elements activation" button.
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Good little EQ for the price

M. D. HEALY, amazon.com
10 September 2011
  • Summary: If you are familiar with equalizers this one should be pretty self-explanatory. Works well, small size means it fits into almost any audio setup. Many amplified speakers lack EQ or tone controls, probably because the manufacturers assume they will be connected to a computer and therefore the customer can just use software EQ.
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