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Fisher & Paykel DD24DDFTX7
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Fisher & Paykel DD24DDFTX7

With over a decade of DishDrawer manufacturing, we introduce the Read more

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Product Info
With over a decade of DishDrawer manufacturing, we introduce the latest addition by Fisher & Paykel to revolutionize your kitchen; DishDrawer Tall. Continuing with the ergonomically superior design of DishDrawer, Fisher & Paykel have found new ways to make your dishwashing experience even easier. By increasing the height of the top drawer you can now fit up to 13" plates with ease, making cleaning up after dinner parties a breeze.
EZKleen Stainless Steel
Consumption Data
Energy Consumption 276kWh per year Energy Rating ENERGY STAR rated Water Consumption 4 gallons per cycle (approx)
Choice of wash programmes Control Panel Keylock Eco Option Flexible racking system Flexible racking system The adaplable rack system accommodates up to 14 place settings. Fold down the plate racks in the lower basket to wash pots and pans, or raise the upper basket to fit plates as large as 30cm in the lower rack. Folding shelves in the top basket increase storage capacity and allow effortless fitting of long stemmed glasses. Fold down tines in lower basket Holds plates up to 13 inches Holds plates up to 13 inches Extra deep drawer fits plates and platters with ease Long stemmed glass racks Long stemmed glass racks Folding shelves in the top basket increase storage capacity and allow effortless fitting of long stemmed glasses. Pitch adjustable folding tines Pitch adjustable folding tines These tines allow crockery of various depths to be loaded into the DishDrawer™ by sliding back and forth. Rinse aid indicator
General Features
7 Place Settings per drawer
Performance Features
163° F temperature in final rinse Choice of wash programmes 9 Choice of wash programmes Needless to say there is more this wash than merely swishing some water about. A choice of nine wash programmes, including an eco option for each cycle to minimise water and energy usage. Economical eco option EnergyStar approved EnergyStar approved ENERGY STAR™ was created to help consumers easily identify products, homes, and buildings that save energy and money, and help protect the environment. As the government-backed, trusted symbol for energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR™ label identifies highly efficient products and designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings. With ENERGY STAR™, money isn't all you're saving-you are also making a difference in protecting the environment. Fisher & Paykel is proud to offer our customers products with the ENERGY STAR™ label. Energy Star™ Website Flow through detergent dispenser Flow through detergent dispenser The detergent dispenser pumps water through the detergent to dissolve it thoroughly before it enters the DishDrawer™. Diluting detergent and filtering it through gradually ensures a superior hygenic wash without detergent burn on dishes. Heating element in each drawer Independent drawers 2 Independent drawers With two independently operated drawers, the double DishDrawer™ delivers two dishwashers in one. Put delicate crystal in one drawer, and heavily soiled pots in the other. Independent wash programmes for separation of wash loads Independent wash programmes for separation of wash loads DishDrawer™ has either one or two totally separate, independently operated wash units, the DishDrawer™ delivers up to two dishwashers in one. DishDrawer™ allows you to mix delicate crystal and heavily soiled baking dishes all at the same time, washing the delicate glassware and crockery in one wash unit on the delicate cycle, with pots and pans in the other wash unit on a heavy duty cycle. Because DishDrawer™ lets you match the wash programme to the type of load, there is no compromise. Dishes are better cared for. Rinse aid dispenser Uses as little as 2 gallons of water per drawer
Usability Features
Accomodates long stemmed wine glasses DishDrawer™ complies with the American Disabilities Act height guidelines Easy to use, primary and secondary (concealed) control panels with single touch programming End of cycle beeps Energy saving, delay start option - up to 12 hours Flood protection built in Folding tines Folding tines Easy to use folding tines create a almost flat surface in each drawer. This enables large pots, platters & bowls to be placed effortlessly into the drawer, making washing up a breeze. Fully adjustable racking system Fully adjustable racking system Independetly movable racks on the side of each drawer fit all sizes of cups and mugs or they can be folded away for maximum space. The folding tines also allow the washing up of any dish, including pots, pans and large bowls. Genuine half load wash option Genuine half load wash option Operating a single drawer gives a true half load, meaning you save energy, water and detergent compared to a conventional dishwasher. Intelligent load sensing for optimum performance Key lock and child lock option Key lock and child lock option Should your back be turned, there is both a key lock and child lock to ensure tiny hands can not cause mischief. Self diagnostics for servicing Smart Drive intelligent technology Three stage flood protection Three stage flood protection Flood protection mechanisms minimise the risk of the DishDrawer overfilling for peace of mind for the user. Two independent drawers Two independent drawers With two totally seperate, independently operated wash drawers, the double DishDrawer ® delivers two dishwashers in one. As two seperate dishwashers, the double DishDrawer® lets you match the wash program to the exact type of load in each drawer. For example, load delicate dishes in the top drawer and heavy pots and pans in the bottom drawer and select the appropriate program for each. Wash progress and time remaining display
1 year parts & labor warranty
Wash Programmes
Delicate Delicate Eco Fast Fast Eco Heavy Heavy Eco Normal Normal Eco Rinse
Release Date
First seen
14 December 2011