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Sigma SD9

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Sigma SD9 Experience Report

Outback Photo
10 September 2004
  • Excerpt: This is the first SD9 shot that is now a portfolio candidate. We converted the file in the Sigma raw converter at 2x (== 400% pixels) as I plan to print all photos large. The photos was then mainly processed through our latest sharpening action (read here) and some little Photoshop tweaks.
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Expert Review

DP Review
11 February 2004
  • Conclusion: Foveon (a previously not-so-well-known technology company) and Sigma (never before produced a digital camera) have had the guts and innovation to come to a very aggressive and critical market with a totally new concept in digital image capture. They have made the first step in what must be seen as a revolution in digital photography.
  • Pros: The best resolution per output pixel we've ever seen, X3 lives up to the hype, The first digital camera to offer true single pixel resolution, goes beyond Nyquist frequency, Resolution of enlarged images virtually indistinguishable from six megapixel Bayer D-SLR, Relatively good tonal balance although default curve can be a little contrasty, Color accurate if a little under-saturated, especially foliage greens, Good automatic white balance, pre-programmed WB settings ...
  • Cons: No in-camera JPEG, storage implications of shooting RAW, Color clipping / gray halos - not clear if a sensor or Photo Pro issue, Unnatural blue skies / chromatic aberration sensitivity - linked problems?, Disappointing long exposure performance, Limited sensitivity, some softness at higher ISO, noise higher in red hues, Long exposures limited to one second at ISO 200 and 400, Half-stop exposure compensation / adjustment can feel limiting, Awkward power solution (two d...
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Sigma SD9

PC Authority
25 January 2005
Overall 7

Sigma SD9 review

Digital Arts
7 April 2004
  • Excerpt: Capturing razor-sharp and colour-accurate photos can be a challenge, even with today’s multimillion-pixel digital cameras. But Foveon, an image-sensor company, promises to change all that with ...
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Sigma SD9

22 January 2003
  • Summary: Despite the negative issues we found with the SD9, Sigma have done a great job with their first Digital SLR. In some ways, this is a groundbreaking camera that puts many cameras to shame. Yet at the same time it can be embarrassed by its inadequacies in other important areas.
  • Pros: Excellent resolution from new Foveon technology, Capable of producing very high quality images, Solid build quality and easy to use interface, Competitively priced and backed up by Sigma's lens range, Well designed and powerful RAW editing software, Firewire and USB connectivity, Compatible with IBM Microdrives, Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Cons: ISO range limited to 100,200,400, Shutter speeds limited to 15sec at ISO 100, Sharpness levels decrease at long exposures/higher ISOs, No option to save in JPEG, RAW processing software requires a fast processor on your computer or a lot of patience, No internal flash, Relies on two types of batteries for operation (minor point)
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Expert Review

16 March 2007
  • Excerpt: Questa nuova fotocamera Sigma SD9 promette tanta risoluzione e una riproduzione dei colori superiore rispetto alle macchine con sensore CCD o CMOS questa reflex dall'aria solida che adotta una nuova versione del sensore Foveon X3. Sigma SD9 è pronta per affrontare il mercato e il giudizio degli appassionati, reflex a se stante nel panorama mondiale perché equipaggiata con un sensore Foveon X3 da 3.5 megapixel. Cosa promette la macchina?
  • Pros: Pratica
  • Cons: Risoluzione bassa
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SIGMA SD9完全进一步体验点评测试

12 December 2003
  • Conclusion: 适马数码单反保存图像时也只会一招――RAW格式。正如降龙十八掌最刚猛,RAW格式也是存图的最佳方式。尽管他们能使用三种大小的RAW格式来存储,但由于没有比较方便的JPEG格式,还是被很多人所批判。其实,低精度的RAW文件只有1-2MB,体积小还足以满足网上图片交流的需要;中精度模式下也不过2-4MB,但成像质量完全可以满足8寸以下高精度照片冲印的要求;高精度的RAW文件体积在5-10MB之间,拍摄用来出版印刷或是冲放大幅作品的照片最为合适。因为RAW格式没有损失,加之可以配合SIGMA PHOTO PRO 进行无损失的调节,所以SD9只有不太方便的RAW格式,如同郭靖只会比较费内力的降龙十八掌,虽有欠缺但非常有效。 正如降龙十八掌需要九阴真经的配合才有威力一样,RAW文件也需要SIGMA PHOTO PRO软件的配合才能变更为神奇,无论是色调还是曝光,都能很轻松地搞定。批处理功能让麻烦且费时的RAW处理就变得简单,相同类型的照片只需调好一张,其它的交给计算机,起身去喝杯咖啡,一切就都搞定了。在最新的SIGMA PHOTO PRO...
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Overall 9

Sigma SD9

25 February 2003
  • Conclusion: Dédié aux amateurs éclairés et aux professionnels, le SD9 est un boîtier solide et complet, très bien conçu sur le plan de l'ergonomie et riche de fonctions photographiques avancées. Mais pas un gadget à l'horizon.
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