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Olympus FE-25

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Olympus FE 25 Digital Camera

sneakerfiend, REVIEW STREAM
26 July 2014
  • Excerpt: They are many cameras out there. But all of them are very expensive. I have found a very good digital camera from Wallet for only $100 dollars. The Olympus FE 25. It is a very good and trustworthy brand. The camera is great.
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Overall 2

Awful piece of electronics

Ray Ray, Amazon
12 August 2012
  • Summary: One of the worst pieces of electronics I've ever purchased. Battery life is literally 20 minutes of casual photo (not video) use. Photo quality is grainy and dark. Better off with a $10 cell phone camera from a drug store.
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Overall 2

not good

bibiane263, Ebay
7 July 2012
  • Summary: I didn't like the camera, the images are not clear and it takes too long to deliver. I don't even know what to do with it.
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Overall 2

Terrible Camera

Geronimo Andrews, Amazon
6 December 2011
  • Summary: Battery life is abysmal. Even the worst of the Nikon Coolpix cameras that I have had have gotten far better battery life. This one seems to be able to take only a dozen flash pictures or so before the batteries are drained to the point that it turns off the screen and refuses to flash. Picture quality seems to be mediocre at best, compared to the CoolPix's and even to a cheapo 5-megapixel Kodak we have.
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Overall 10

Very Nice camera for the money

geoffad09, Ebay
5 December 2011
  • Summary: A much better Olympus, very good pictures. It seems easier to use than older models and the settings remain after you turn it off. I am buying used cameras for overseas use in third world countries. I was tempted to keep this one as a back up for my work.
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Overall 6

would not buy again

1490jamesr, Ebay
5 January 2011
  • Summary: do not like the size of memory chip,cost extra money to use this camera.///////////////////////​//////////////////////////////​///////////////////
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Overall 4


C. Dowden, Amazon
4 January 2011
  • Summary: The battery problem would seem to be an issue of battery contacts. Constant fussing with cleaning both the contacts and batteries gets a lot of life out of batteries. But you should not have to do this nearly every damn time you want to make a pic. This camera's lens suffers from chromatic aberration causing light of differing colors to be focused in different places. Put simply, things have color fringes. Particularly noticeable on larger images.
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Overall 10

great fun camera

mrabf1cxm, Ebay
1 January 2011
  • Summary: I bought this camera as a first camera for my grandson. He hasn't put it down since Christmas. Seems to have all the features we need. It's very easy to operate and understand. Battery life so far seems good. makes a great first time camera.
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Overall 8

Love the olympus

jtait1, Ebay
6 December 2010
  • Summary: I had an olympus before this purchase which was more expensive and did a great deal more than this camera. Since I have experience with this brand, I wanted to get close to the same one I had before. At this I could not figure out how to use the camera and spend more time in trial and error, but as I got the hang I got better with it. Now I am much better with it but learning moatteryre as I use it everyday.
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Overall 2

it already broke :( I am pretty upset. used it once!!!

2010missalissa, Ebay
11 November 2010
  • Summary: I finally got some extra money to purchase a nicer camera. I got it right before Halloween and got to use it One night. Then it totally quit working. I changed the batteries, it just will not even turn on.
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