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Reviews and Problems with Nikon COOLPIX S70

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Nikon Coolpix S70

Digital Photography Interface
23 September 2013
  • Conclusion: Nikon has been doing a good job with touchscreen implementation of their cameras and the new Coolpix S70 takes things a step further by including multi-touch and gesture support. On its surface, the Nikon Coolpix S70 looks like your typical ultra-thin camera but switch it on and browse about, and you’ll discover that it has one of the better touchscreen user interface/menu systems you can find on a digital camera.
  • Pros: Good image quality, vivid colors and good detail; improvement over old Coolpix’es, Big 3.5 inch LCD; responsive to touch and supports multi-touch/gestures, 5X optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization, USB charging can be useful; less chargers when going on trips (with a laptop), Very user-friendly touchscreen interface; ‘thumb-able’ large icons, Automatic scene selection, elaborate face detection/portrait features, Excellent playback mode: swipe gestur...
  • Cons: Some edge softness, prominent color fringing (chromatic aberration); muddy images over ISO 800, Slow lens aperture range, Lack of manual controls, Low resolution display; visibility could’ve been better, No physical controls (except shutter button); on-screen zoom controller is small and clumsy, Poor buffer and burst mode
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Overall 5

Nikon Coolpix S70

PC Magazine
15 June 2010
  • Conclusion: Nikon's OLED-touch-screen-equipped Coolpix S70 has great potential, but mediocre image quality, a low-resolution display, and interface issues underwhelm.
  • Pros: Attractive design. High-contrast 3.5-inch OLED screen offers multi-touch support. Charges via USB.
  • Cons: Expensive. Low-resolution display. Oversensitive zoom control. Noticeable shutter lag. Images suffer from color fringing.
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Nikon Coolpix S70

Steve's Digicams
15 March 2010
  • Excerpt: The Coolpix S70 is Nikon's latest ultra-compact digicam, which is loaded with high-end features tucked into a stylish and sleek exterior. This model offers full touch control, with the only one button on the camera; the shutter release. For those who want full touch control, the S70 offers a "Touch Shutter" function, which allows you to tap the screen to capture an image. The point in which you touch the screen will also control the active autofocus point.
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Nikon Coolpix S70 Review

Digital Camera Review
22 December 2009
  • Summary: There are plenty of features we liked about the Nikon S70, including the Touch Shutter, 720p HD video capture, great image sharpness, compact and sleek design, and power conserving OLED with great functionality any lighting condition. But these positives just don't outweigh some of its issues, like lack of manual control, price tag, over-exposed images, and a somewhat unreliable touch screen that isn't supplemented with physical buttons.
  • Pros: Small, lightweight and attractive, HD video capture, OLED viewfinder/display is a good idea, OLED provides power saving functionality, Touch Shutter
  • Cons: Image quality is inconsistent, Touch screen can be difficult to use, Over-exposed images, Little manual control options, OLED has too small of a resolution
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Overall 8
Value for money 8
Features 8
Ease of use 8
Photo quality 7
Build quality 8
Color and saturation 8

Nikon Coolpix S70

3 weeks ago
  • Conclusion: The Nikon Coolpix S70 is likely to appeal to the gadget conscious with its touch screen control. In the main picture quality is good enough for snapshot quality, but I did find a tendency for sharpness to fall away when shooting subjects from distance.
  • Pros: Ease of use - touch control screen
  • Cons: Zoom controlled by touch - loss of sharpness with more distant scenes
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Overall 8

Nikon Coolpix S70 – Review – 35

D-Photo and The Photographer's Mail
20 April 2010

Nikon Coolpix S70

8 March 2010
  • Excerpt: The Nikon Coolpix S70 is a very well built ultra-compact camera. The elegantly simple front plate features a sliding lens cover and a rubber coating that feels like soft leather to the touch. Like many other, similar cameras, the Nikon S70 is powered up by sliding the lens cover downward, a move that exposes the lens, flash and AF assist lamp; and readies the camera for action in less than two seconds.
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Nikon Coolpix S70: Den knapplösa kompakten

Kamera & Bild
2 September 2013
  • Summary: Nikon imponerar med pekskärmen i Coolpix S70. Funktionerna och responsen när man trycker på skärmen är klockrena. Ännu bättre hade det varit om skärmen haft en högre upplösning.
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【速報】タッチ画面でiPhone超えた!?ニコン「COOLPIX S70」発表

nikkei BPnet
21 June 2010
  • Conclusion: 今後、S70をはじめとしたタッチパネル型デジカメの実力を評価するポイントは、2つ挙げられるだろう。一つはタッチパネルの操作感。例えば、タッチ操作を導入すると「デジカメのソフトウェア開発が格段に難しくなる」(あるメーカー)。タッチ操作を快適にさせるのは動きのあるインターフェイスだが、これにもソフトフェアの作り込みが必要になるという。S70が本当に「iPhone並み」に到達したかどうかは、こうしたソフトウェアの作り込みや実際のタッチ操作の使い心地がカギになる。 もう一つはカメラとしての基本性能。例えばAF(オートフォーカス)の速度は、購入時にはあまり重要視されない機能だが、実は使い勝手を大きく左右するといわれる。直感的な操作が特徴のタッチパネル型機種でも、これらのカメラ性能が他機種に匹敵するのかどうかも、買いかどうかを見極める評価ポイントになるだろう。 「日経トレンディ」10月号(9月4日発売)では、最新のタッチパネル型デジカメの実機を試用し、上記のポイントをふまえたうえで実力を評価する予定だ。 (文/荒井 優=日経トレンディ)
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Overall 4

Nikon Coolpix S70

18 May 2010
  • Summary: Bisher kannte man berührungsempfindliche Bildschirme vor allem von Handys und MP3-Playern. Doch mittlerweile wird diese Technik immer häufiger bei Digitalkameras eingesetzt, zum Beispiel bei der Nikon Coolpix S70. AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD zeigt, wie gut die Kamera mit Touchscreen funktioniert.
  • Pros: Auslösen durch Antippen des Bildschirms, sehr wirksamer Bildstabilisator
  • Cons: Zoomsteuerung per Touchscreen, Bildrauschen
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