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Canon EOS 5D
5.4 out of 10

Canon EOS 5D

The Canon EOS 5D, also known as “the big brother to the Canon EO Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Canon EOS 5D

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Canon EOS 5D review by hdhani

hdhani, slrgear.com
14 December 2013
  • Summary: This is an old FF SLR (2005) but still takes wonderful images with great details and fine grain at higher ISOs even 3200 (compared to current APS-C SLR). I love the images this camera produced... Things you should've noticed before buying this camera: the back LCD is low res (compared to current LCD display), and the user interface is dated. There is no AF microadjustment feature and the battery life is short.
  • Pros: Image quality (it's FULLL FRME), substantial hand grip
  • Cons: Poor LCD, body paint (getting shiny over time), heavy, manual ISO setting
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Overall 10

User Review

Simon - Hong Kong, LetsGoDigital
22 November 2011
  • Excerpt: The Canon EOS 5D is my first DSLR ever and it is great. It has met with all my expectations of a good auto camera and then some. Gripes are little but I wish the shutter lag was a bit shorter. I also wish the multi-direction control on the back could be a tad closer to the thumb rest and easier to use. In terms of image quality I have no complaints. The images produced by this camera are sharp with film like texture and resolution.
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Canon EOS 5D review by f43tgv

f43tgv, slrgear.com
17 July 2009
  • Summary: This , put quite simply is an awesome camera. Now available secondhand for about the price of an entry level APS-C Canon or Nikon with bundled kit lens in the UK , given the massive price hikes, this is fantastic value. If you are not interested in gimmicks like face recognition, flip out screens, live view, video and so on, just wanting a quality still camera, look no further.
  • Pros: Still nothing better for image quality
  • Cons: Gren cast to monitor
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Overall 8

Still a Great Camera!

Bike John, PhotoAlley.com
24 October 2008
  • Summary: The Canon 5D is still one of the best cameras available. The full frame sensor captures very high quality images. And a 12 mega pixel image is more than enough unless you are making wall size murals. Now that the 5D Mk II has been announced the price on the 5D is continuing to fall and it will be an excellent value for someone stepping up to a full frame camera.
  • Pros: Comfortable Controls, Image quality, Strong Construction
  • Cons: Heavy
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Canon EOS 5D review by touristguy87

touristguy87, slrgear.com
5 August 2008
  • Summary: This is an excellent example of the prosumer Canon DSLR except that it has one problem in common with just about all of the CMOS-sensored DSLR from Canon, in that it produces a lot of streak-noise in continuous-drive at ISo1600 and 3200 that shows up at about -3eV, which really ruins the shots taken in low light. It's also somewhat lacking in shadow resolution compared to the d300.
  • Pros: moderately-good overall, good value in a fullframe
  • Cons: lacks newer features like auto-ISO
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Canon EOS 5D review by pepstein

pepstein, slrgear.com
22 July 2008
  • Summary: The 5D has been on the market for a long time, but it still compares well to the competition. Full frame means lenses don't need quite the resolving power in the center, but they have to perform well at the edges and corners. It also means lenses work as they do with film bodies. If you like to use primes, this is a good thing. If you prefer to use a single general-purpose zoom, it can also be a bad thing. Depth of field is reduced compared to crop bodies.
  • Pros: Excellent image quality
  • Cons: Large and heavy, no sensor cleaning features
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Overall 8

Great Camera

kasey, PhotoAlley.com
12 July 2008
  • Summary: excellent camera...I recommend going with a 15mm wide angle for this one. Its a very open view.
  • Pros: Bright LCD, Comfortable Controls, Quiet, Small Lag Time, Strong Construction
  • Cons: Price
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Overall 10

very god camera

kjla, PhotoAlley.com
15 February 2008
  • Summary: God sharp and balanced colours
  • Pros: Bright LCD, Comfortable Controls, Strong Construction
  • Cons: Price
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Overall 8

Everything *needed* in a high end DSLR

Garland Cary, PhotoAlley.com
1 October 2007
  • Summary: The 5D is the quintessential Canon SLR, offering a smart, functional mix of essential features and technologies – and little more. The reason to get this camera are its compact size, large bright viewfinder and full frame sensor, which make it the only game in town for folks need all these characteristics in a single body.
  • Pros: Compact Size, Crisp detailed images, Full Frame Sensor, Large bright viewfinder, Quiet
  • Cons: CF door feels cheap, Minimal viewfinder info, Quality control not great
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Overall 8

Canon EOS 5D

blueshift, reviewed.com
14 September 2007
  • Conclusion: I find the official review on this web site suffers from the reviewer's personal bias (or animus), and fear it lacks objectivity.Two years after it's release, the 5D is the lowest cost full frame DSLR available - much lower than the prospective price of the recently announced D3. And the 5D isn't about anything other than full frame, period. Comparisons and chatter about burst rate, AF speed, whether some function or option is on this dial or that menu is irrelevant.
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