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Reviews and Problems with Lowepro Nova Mini AW

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Lowepro Nova Mini AW review by nikoskard

nikoskard, slrgear.com
27 December 2006
  • Summary: If you' re looking for a small Photo/Video bag stop here. It is the best case for this size i ever bought. For telling the truth it was the reason buying all LowePro cases so far. And i have Computrekker Plus, SlingShot 100, LensCases, FilterCases and this small perfect bag. Highly Recommended, for photo equipment and Video.
  • Pros: Very nice Build Quality, All Weather, LowePro warranty.
  • Cons: None so far
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Lowepro Nova Mini AW review by minute

minute, slrgear.com
13 December 2006
  • Summary: This is a perfect small to medium shoulder camera bag for walking around cities, sights, etc. I really abused and stuffed a whole bunch of equipment in it but it's still holding itself well. At peak times I managed to fit in it a relatively big Canon EOS 50 film SLR, a 24-85 zoom, two 50mm and 24mm primes, 7 films, mini-tripod, remote, several filters, the works. I just never worried about knocks with this bag.
  • Pros: Small, light, good handling, excellent materials
  • Cons: Not much really
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Lowepro Nova Mini AW review by bullfr

bullfr, slrgear.com
1 December 2006
  • Summary: This shoulder bag is perfect for travels with a DSLR and small zooms/primes. I first bought it for a Nikon F801 with 2 primes (60mm and 24mm) ; I could then add compact binoculars in the camera compartment, and a few extra rolls in the front pocket. Now I use it for my D70s, 18-70 zoom and 24mm lens, and the front pocket is free for other items. This is a great protection bag, excellent build quality.
  • Pros: quality, ergonomics
  • Cons: none
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