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Reviews and Problems with Giada Mini PC i35G

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Giada Mini PC i35G Review

mad shrimps
17 September 2012
  • Summary: The i35G is a cute and small computer from Giada, that can be used for light Internet browsing, watching movies, or playing old games, this while keeping the power consumption to a low level. The chassis comes with active cooling, and the fan speed is being ramped up depending on the temperatures. A Media Center remote is also included inside the box for added value, along with a HDMI cable and a plastic transparent dock to place the computer into the optimal position.
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Giada Mini PC-i35g超迷你主機電腦

17 September 2012
  • Excerpt: 胖達在前幾期,為讀者們介紹了Giada Mini PC-i51這款「小空間大宇宙、納須彌於芥子」的超迷你主機電腦。除了在讀者回函中見到不少熱列迴響之外,也聽到部份讀者詢問︰「有沒有同樣迷你,但價格更低廉的機型?」 相信台灣區總代理商「遠翰科技」一定也聽到了市場上不少類似的垂詢,因此本次推出Giada Mini PC- i35g,算是給普羅大眾一個及時的善意回應。 都會土地寸土寸金,通常對Giada Mini PC有興趣的朋友來說,纖薄迷你的身型是必要的。如果對於效能層面所求不高,只有簡單的文書、上網需求,恰好本次推出的Giada Mini PC- i35g,即為一款在價格上更有競爭力的迷你主機。 杰拓(GIADA)科技這次在Mini PC- i35g,採用了Intel Atom D2700 雙核心處理器作為全機的運算核心,時脈為2.13GHz、L2快取為1MB,並支援HT超執行緒技術,額定功耗僅10瓦;同時內建顯示PowerVR顯示核心,頻率為640MHz。 不過,耐人尋味地,是胖達在Mini PC-...
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