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As always, your first thought should not be what desk top computer, but how – and to what – you a...
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As always, your first thought should not be what desk top computer, but how – and to what – you are going to use your desktop computer. Today most of them are powerful enough to cover the most common needs for most users. If you, on the other hand, have some special needs like the latest games or video editing and so on, you probably have to look at a more powerful desktop computer. The connectability today is almost endless, wired as well as wireless, so most of the desktop computers are versatile enough. Be sure to check that you can upgrade sound cards, hard drives and such components easily.

Nowadays most of them are silent but not all, so check the noise the level if you are going to place it on your desk. It is also important to have some connections easily available for USB flash drives, cameras and such, for example, on the front. Regarding what components you should buy it is impossible to advise; almost every application has its demand and specs, so consult the manual of the game or soft ware you are going to run on your computer. And as we tend to use our computers more and more today as a TV receiver, a video editing machine, a hard drive recorder and a media center and/or game consol, be sure to check that is has got free connection possibilities for future use.

Roughly, desktop computers could be divided into following segments:

• Budget. Here you often find good value for money if you just are aware of the limitations, but often also last year’s technologies and basic versions of software. This is a good choice for internet surfing, basic word processing and such duties. Many times increased RAM memory is all you need to even handle photos and other demanding tasks. But this group will NOT be ideal for it.

• Small-sized desktop computers. Often well designed and compact in size the smaller ones are meant to look good on the desk. Not so many possibilities as a full tower but probably enough for the most of us.

• Full-sized powerful desktop computers. Powerful processors combined with lots of RAM memory and a roomy hard drive make these desktop computers capable of almost any task. Lots of free slots for new connections and hardware make them very versatile.

• Media centers This is the set for gaming and/or movie buffs. They come with media center software and many possibilities to connect with other components such as TV sets, projectors or gaming consoles. They are equipped with the very best of graphic and sound cards but as there constantly comes new versions of them be sure to check that all of them are upgradable.

So when you have decided how and to what you are going to use your desktop computer, look for tests of interesting models and don’t forget to check the noise level. And hey, historically it has always been a good idea to have a lot of RAM memory and hard drive capacity.

Listen to your computer: if it is going to stand next to you on the desk be sure that it is not to noisy.


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