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Intel CORE I7 4770K

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Intel ‘Haswell’ Desktop Processor Performance Overview: i7-4770K

9 October 2013
  • Conclusion: As far as Z87 platform is concerned, Intel managed to catch up with AMD in terms of providing 6x native SATA 6Gbps ports and also provides USB 3.0 natively via 6. Those with 3670K and 3770K wouldn’t consider making a jump, and a lot of mainstream users would most likely be happy with their Sandy Bridge platform. That being said, a lot would consider this if they’re migrating from an older setup.
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Overall 9
Value for money 9
Performance 10
Construction 9
Functionality 9

Intel Core-i7 4770K Haswell Processor

Benchmark Reviews
6 July 2013
  • Conclusion: Haswell and its supporting "Lynx Point" Z87 chipset represent yet another incrementally refined iteration of Intel's mainstream CPU platform. Performance improvements at the CPU level are minor and will be unnoticeable except in benchmarks. The performance of the integrated GPU has been substantially improved, but it's still far behind all but the lowest-end video cards and not really germane to desktop users.
  • Pros: Still the best single-core performance available, Dramatically improved iGPU performance, Mobile versions offer new ultra-low-power modes, At least Intel didn't change the cooler mounting points
  • Cons: Only incremental CPU performance improvements over Ivy Bridge, New socket means a new motherboard is required for upgrades, Still only 16 PCI-E lanes, Relatively poor overclocking
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Overall 9

Intel’s 4th Generation “Haswell” Core i7-4770K LGA1150 Processor Reviewed

24 June 2013
  • Summary: When it comes to standard Haswell Core i7-4770K performance, users won’t be disappointed. The 4770K actually out paces the 3770K overall thanks to the new integrated memory controller among other architectural improvements. In fact, the 4770K utilizes the 1600MHz DDR3 more efficiently which was apparent in the video rendering tests. If you’re sitting on an older Conroe or AMD system that just isn’t cutting it, the 4770K will be a noticeable upgrade.
  • Pros: Better performance upgrade than Ivy, More overclocking options, Better overclocking potential: If you keep it cool!, Improved integrated memory controller, Overclocking memory improves performance, Haswell’s 3D transistor technology favors mobile
  • Cons: The Core i7-4770K operates slightly hotter than Core i7-3770K, Overclocking requires more patience than Ivy and Sandy, The overclocking learning curve is definitely higher
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Overall 9

Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell Processor Review

19 June 2013
  • Summary: Final Thoughts When a new processor from Intel comes out many people are expecting a huge improvement over the previous generation, but we lately we really have not seen that. If you look at the update cycle of 1 year that cannot be expected. Ivy Bridge only offering a small performance increase over Sandy Bridge and Haswell only offers a small performance increase over Ivy Bridge.
  • Pros: Great performance, Integrated graphics have been much improved over Ivy Bridge, CPU cooler mounting points have not changed with new socket, Low power states
  • Cons: Not a drastic improvement over Ivy Bridge, Another new socket, Weak overclocking
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Overall 7

Intel Core i7-4770K

PC Magazine
11 June 2013
  • Conclusion: The Intel Core i7-4770K, based on Intel's Haswell microarchitecture, is a great chip if you need an upgrade, but performance gains are modest.
  • Pros: Intel's latest architecture adds new features. Improved performance.
  • Cons: Draws slightly more power than previous designs. Less headroom for overclocking.
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Expert Review

Silent PC
10 June 2013
  • Summary: With the high-end CPU race firmly in their pocket, Intel didn't need to light the world aflame with a significantly faster processor. Breathing room is a luxury few technology companies can claim and its given Intel time to improve their products with what can be considered secondary features, rather than focusing on maximizing CPU performance above all things.
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Expert Review

9 June 2013

Haswell overclocked: the Core i7-4770K at 4.7GHz

3 June 2013
  • Excerpt: After studying Haswell's architecture and taking the chip through our benchmark suite, we gave overclocking a shot. Our findings suggest that Haswell requires beefier...
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Intel's Core i7-4770K and 4950HQ 'Haswell' processors reviewed

3 June 2013
  • Summary: As always, the rafts of data on the preceding pages can be boiled down to one simple price-performance plot, for those folks considering a purchase. Here's how the Core i7-4770K stacks up against the two prior generations of Intel processors—and the closest competition from AMD—on one of our famous value scatter plots: On the desktop, the generational progress from Ivy Bridge to Haswell is fairly modest, as we've noted throughout our analysis.
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Intel Core i7 4770K / Core i5 4670K / Core i5 4430 review: Haswell test

1 June 2013
  • Excerpt: On Tuesday, June 4, Intel is launching its fourth generation Core processors, also known as Haswell. Tomorrow, June 2, the new CPUs will be available at a select few stores, but today we can already tell you in detail about the performance of Haswell with our comprehensive 49-page review. We took a closer look at the Intel Core i7 4770K, Core i5 4670K and Core i5 4430 processors. The first two are of course the official successors to the Core i7 3770K and Core i5 3570K.
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