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Intel Core i7-2600K CM8062300833908 (BX80623I72600K)

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Reviews and Problems with Intel Core i7-2600K CM8062300833908 (BX80623I72600K)

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Intel Core i7-2600K Processor and DP67BG Motherboard Review

18 July 2014
  • Excerpt: Intel has launched a new Central Processor Unit family every year for the last few years with Tick/Tock regularity. Each Tick is a new architecture with the Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium MMX, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, Prescott, Core, Core 2, Dual Core, Core i7 and so forth. The last major launch was the Nehalem family with the Core i7 launch in 2008.
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Intel Core i7-2600K 3.40GHz Processor w/Turbo Boost Technology Long Term Review

30 January 2012
  • Conclusion: For where the Sandy Bridge based Intel Core i7-2600K is marketed towards, the mainstream crowd, the Core i7-2600K is a fantastic package.  I think this is due to the competitive price point.  It’s value is noticeable as one does not need to break the bank in order to have a processor that can do it all, and at a high clock-speed.
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Expert Review

Techware Labs
14 June 2011
  • Summary: If you are on the fence between the i5-2500K and i7-2600K I would suggest pairing a Z68 chipset motherboard with the i7-2600K and wait a dozen or so paychecks to  purchase your graphics card of choice. The inclusion of Intel Hyper Threading in the  i7-2600K makes a world of difference in multi-threaded programming and multi-tasking.  This CPU is designed to handle a range of demanding tasks, not just a couple of specific purposes.
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Overall 10
Value for money 10
Features 8
Performance 10

Intel Core i7-2600K

8 May 2011
  • Summary: Verdict: The Intel Core i7-2600K CPU is a super fast performer which thanks to its unlocked multiplier can also be overclocked like a monster.
  • Pros: Extremely fast, 32nm fabrication process means you have loads of overclocking headroom.
  • Cons: Needs a new CPU socket, overclocking is tricky because of new BCLK setup.
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Intel Sandy Bridge Review: Core i7 2600K and Core i5 2500K

1 May 2011
  • Conclusion: As with each and every new Intel processor launch, everybody eagerly expected for Sandy Bridge to become official, and now that this day has finally come, I am happy to report this new architecture lives up to the hype. However, it does so in a way much different than before, since the most important highlight about Sandy Bridge is not its processing power but the new integrated graphics.
  • Pros: - Strong performance - Integrated graphics - Hardware video encoding acceleration - Competitive price - AVX instruction set - Turbo Boost 2.0
  • Cons: - Artificially limited overclocking potential - Requires new LGA 1155 motherboards.
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Intel Core i7-2600K and i5-2500K Processor Review

14 April 2011
  • Conclusion: Both are great, the Core i5 is sufficient for most people. The Core i7 is the top-notched gear – buy that one if you have a lot of money. Sorry, no overclocking as nor temperature report. These were engineering samples + my lack of time + some issues arose during the period where the goods are with me. I did manage to try the i7 on i5′s heatsink and ran folding@home 24/7 and the temperatures didn’t even breach 75c even on a hot day.
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Expert Review

Tweak Town
12 April 2011
Overall 8

Intel Core i7-2600K

PC Magazine
12 April 2011
  • Conclusion: Intel takes a giant step forward with the Core i7-2600K, one of its inaugural Sandy Bridge CPUs, in terms of both value and media processing. Its much-touted onboard graphics won't displace what you get with a discrete graphics card, but overall this is an impressive mainstream release.
  • Pros: Outstanding media-processing capabilities. Good overall computing performance. Unlocked multiplier for simplified overclocking.
  • Cons: Onboard video lacks DirectX 11 support, won't replace what you can get with discrete cards. Requires new motherboard. Bundled CPU cooler discourages tinkering.
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Expert Review

6 March 2011
  • Conclusion: The performance gains seen here are reminiscent of those seen when Intel launched its core2 architecture with the core2 duo series of processors. The 2nd generation of core processors does things faster, while guzzling less energy. They run cooler and over-clock easier (the K series) There are no reasons not to recommend either of these two processors. If you do a lot of image/ video manipulation the 2600K is a blessing.
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Intel Sandy Bridge - Core i7-2600K, Core i5-2500K

28 February 2011
  • Conclusion: The most eye-catching part of these results is the i5-2500K nearly matching the i7-870. Remember, the i7-870 features Hyper-Threading support whereas the i5-2500K does not. Impressive performance, no doubt. In Pov-Ray, the Sandy Bridge processors roll in with the best compute times. The gap between the i5-2500K and i7-2600K is virtually nil due to the single-core nature of the benchmarking utility. With only one core active, these processors run head-to-head.
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