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AMD Athlon XP 2000+
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AMD Athlon XP 2000+

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AMD Athlon XP 2000+

29 August 2009
  • Conclusion: Kaikenkaikkiaan Athlon XP 2000+:sta löytyy tehoa paljon ja kellottuvuuskin näyttäisi olevan kohdallaan. Reilun 400 euron hinta tosin on hieman liian korkea monella kuluttajalle, joten Athlon XP 1900+ -malli saattaa olla järkevämpi vaihtoehto. Omaa kokemusta juuri markkinoille tulleesta Athlon XP 2100+-mallista ei ole, mutta voisin väittää ettei 2000+:n ja 2100+:n välillä ole kovinkan suurta eroa hinnan lisäksi.
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20 May 2002
  • Conclusion: INTEL PENTIUM 4 (NORTHWOOD) 2.0AGHZ AND 2.2GHZ AGAINST AMD ATHLON XP 2000+ INTEL PENTIUM 4 (NORTHWOOD) 2.0AGHZ AND 2.2GHZ AGAINST AMD ATHLON XP 2000+ Posted:2002-05-20 By Asboulougia Number of View:5564 INTEL PENTIUM 4 (NORTHWOOD) 2.0AGHZ AND 2.2GHZ AGAINST AMD ATHLON XP 2000+ By : Asboulougia Posted: 2002-05-20 xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source Today Intel and AMD are expected to launch their new high-performance...
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AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Review

9 January 2002
  • Conclusion: The Athlon XP 2000+ certainly surprised us. On paper it gives up over 500MHz to the Pentium 4 and now contains less onboard cache. Even when the Pentium 4 originally debuted Athlon was only 300MHz behind. With the growing clock speed discrepancy and larger cache size available with Northwood we assumed the Athlon XP 2000+ was outmatched. It turns out our initial impressions were clearly wrong.
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Pentium 4 'Northwood' 2.2GHz vs. Athlon XP 2000+

7 January 2002
  • Summary: Performance-wise, it's a toss-up. I would like to declare one or the other of these processors the clear winner, but that's just not possible. The Athlon XP 2000+ and Pentium 4 2.2GHz are locked in a dead heat for the title of "fastest x86 processor." AMD's prices, meanwhile, are a little more modest: Obviously, the Athlon XP offers the better price-performance ratio. For enthusiasts looking to build their own PCs, the Athlon XP is probably still the way to go.
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Pentium 4 2 GHz vs Athlon XP 2000+

16 August 2002

Systemskifte: Fra Intel Pentium3 950 MHz til AMD Athlon XP 2000+

3 March 2002
  • Conclusion: KONKLUSION Ved at skifte fra Intel-system med SDram og ca. 1 GHz cpu til AMD-system med DDR-ram og Athlon XP 2000+ cpu, er der meget at vinde i flere spil. Især spil som Medal of Honor giver fuld valuta for alle cpu-pengene, også i 1600x1200 - og dette gælder tillige Quake3 Arena, hvis mange bots anvendes. Serious Sam 2 er tillige meget cpukrævende og anvendes normalt detaljeniveau, er der også i dette spil meget at vinde med øget cpuhastighed.
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领先533 MHz:Pentium 4/2200 vs. Athlon XP 2000+

17 January 2002
  • Excerpt: 苹果iPhone 4S将于明天在中国大陆开卖,这款举世瞩目的智能手机终于能与我们见面了,各位网友明天就能在中国联通和苹果Apple Store买到。
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Omfattende test af Pentium4 2,2 GHz og Athlon XP 2000+

8 January 2002
  • Conclusion: KONKLUSION OG AFSLUTTENDE BEMÆRKNINGER Intel har med Pentium4 Northwood 2,2 GHz produceret en cpu, som ydelsesmæssigt er fuldt på højde med Athlon XP 2000+. Vi så ovenstående: Quake3 Arena: P4 2,2 GHz er 5 - 18% hurtigere end Athlon XP 2000+ Serious Sam: Athlon XP 2000+ er 10 - 17% hurtigere end P4 2,2 GHz Dronez: P4 2,2 Ghz er 37% hurtigere end Athlon XP 2000+ Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Uafgjort (Athlon XP 2000+ dog bedste bud på samlet vinder) Max Payne: Athlon XP...
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Athlon XP 2000+ og hvad du bør vide om cpu-opgradering

14 November 2001
  • Conclusion: KONKLUSION Ovenstående resultater viser klart, at forskellen på Athlon Thunderbird 1,4 GHz og Athlon XP 1900+ er på 5 - 12%, og ikke de 26%, som AMD's nye pointsystem indikerer. Det skyldes, at en hastighedsforøgelse på 66 MHz ikke svarer til "100+ MHz", hvilket AMD's nye pointsystem gerne vil have kunderne til at tro. Derudover afhænger ydelse i 3D-applikationer også af ram, grafikkort, bundkort mm.
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