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As always, your first thought should not be what CPU, but how – and to what – you are going to us...
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As always, your first thought should not be what CPU, but how – and to what – you are going to use your new CPU. If the motherboard is the heart of the computer the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is surely the brain. It is the CPU that makes the computer able to work. If you just want to build a basic computer for surfing, some word processing and such tasks you might settle for a standard, inexpensive CPU - it will probably do a good enough job. If you, on the other hand, want to be able to play the latest games, edit photos or videos, or if you are going to handle a lot of data you have to choose more carefully. Gamers for example should always go for the most powerful possible CPU, perhaps today’s version of your favorite game does not require the most powerful processor but a later version probably will.

The CPU is the most important component in your computer after the motherboard, as the CPU handles all “thinking” and directs tasks to different components like sound card, graphic card, memory, hard drives, communication ports like Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and so on. One of the main issues with CPU is its cooling, as the CPU gets very hot, which if not handled properly could damage it. So be sure to spend some extra money in order to get the cooling sorted out as your main priority. Some cooling fans are noisy so choose a larger fan with a low rev in order to get it as quiet as possible.

Your then have to check which CPUs your motherboard can handle. Check the CPU-socket and compare with the manufacturer’s data that they are compatible. Then there is the matter of what type of CPU, single or dual-core. Dual core is of course more powerful but not all of us need it. Finally the speed of the CPU, often specified in Gigahertz, matters - and it is often a wise decision to buy a lot of RAM memory as it helps the CPU to perform even better.

Whether you buy an Intel or AMD CPU matters less; they are all more or less good. For all of you who consider overclocking, just a word of warning – it might work but you can also make your system unstable or even worse: damage the CPU. The best way to a trouble-free computer is a lot of memory, a large hard drive and a good anti-virus software.

After deciding which CPUs to choose between, read the tests of the interesting models and be sure to check that the motherboard and operating system you have chosen work together with those CPUs.

As a lot of new versions of components, softwares and so on is released over time, log on regularly to the home page of the manufacturer of your CPU to check for upgrades. This will make your computer work smoother and with more efficiency in the long run.


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