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Fisher & Paykel CE365DBX1

Fisher & Paykel CE365DBX1

Fisher & Paykels ceramic cooktops provide a completely flat Read more

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Brushed Stainless Steel
Burner Outputs
Center Zone 1100W/ 2500W Front Left Zone 700W/1700 W Dual Element Front Right Zone 1200 W Rear Left Zone 1200 W Rear Right Zone 1800 W
Flat, easy to clean glass surface
Current requirements (amps) 35A (30.3A) Dual element Dual element Dual element accommodates large pots and pans for increased cooking flexibility. The image is intended to display the dual element only, cooktop style will differ between individual models. HiLight® high speed ribbon elements HiLight® high speed ribbon elements Fast heating elements which provide precise and even temperature control, for a quick and accurate cooking result. Supersimmer (Watts) 20 Temperature limiters
Individual surface hot indicators Individual surface hot indicators A safety feature that visually indicates an element is hot.
1 year parts & labor warranty
Product Info
Fisher & Paykels ceramic cooktops provide a completely flat profile. This allows you to move pots and pans around the hob simply and quickly whilst providing extra storage space when it is not in use. High speed ribbon elements heat up quickly and maintain an even temperature for faster cooking while the stylish dark ceramic glass surface is a breeze to clean.
Ceramic glass cooktop Ceramic glass cooktop We use ceramic glass in our cooktop panels. Ceramic glass is eco-friendly; not using any arsenic or heavy metals in the manufacturing process. It is an easy to clean, robust surface. Controls on cooktop Controls on cooktop All classic series cooktops come with knob controls. Control knobs are easy to use and are an accurate way to control the temperature of the elements. Number of element sizes 7
Available approx October 2011 Laser Etched Graphics Optimal control with lower turndown super simmer element
Release Date
First seen
1 December 2010