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Thermaltake Level 10
7.3 out of 10

Thermaltake Level 10

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Overall 8

Love is a Cruel Mistress

DANYON G., Newegg
26 February 2016
  • Summary: All together, after you cut yourself a couple times, give it the proper blood sacrifices, and if your an experienced builder this is the perfect case for your masterpiece. Everyone will gawk at it's stunning appearance, it will shield your drives and power supply from the heat produced by your...
  • Pros: -Looks Beautiful, I mean wow, this is art. -Managing cables is pretty much done for you. -The dual locks are very sturdy. -Allows for simple hardware debugging.
  • Cons: -It wants to kill you, the aluminum is sharp in some areas. -This is not a case for first time builders. -You need to make sure that your motherboard's drives support the hot swap bays. -It's heavy, and lifting it from the handle on the top with the components facing away from you will cause the ...
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Overall 10

Excellent Value! Well, sort of..

George D., Newegg
23 February 2016
  • Summary: I think its great to encourage manufacturers to take design chances like this and push the envelope. The black rectangle computer case thing has been done to death. Even though the original Level 10 came out several years ago, these cases still stands tall today as a monument to the modern PC.
  • Pros: Thermaltake's sales reps were very good about answering my questions I had about the case before buying it (inside dims, etc.) and shared info you can't really find on the internet. Just be sure to pick up the phone and call, I got connected with a lead sale rep. When I finally received the case,...
  • Cons: Not actually made of Titanium, which would have helped in the weight department. Fully loaded, mine is weighing in at 74.6 pounds. I'm guessing if it was made of Titanium, at this thickness it would be several thousand dollars, but it would be nice as an option I guess. Perhaps Titanium plated? T...
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Overall 2

Don't waste your money.

Jeremy B., Newegg
4 February 2016
  • Summary: Don't buy this, a standard case will do just fine.
  • Pros: No pros, don't waste your money. When I first saw this I was like, huh what is this piece of junk. Then I saw the price and was blown away to think they would actually try to rip people off like this... So I had to write a review... Don't was your money people...
  • Cons: $1100? Are you serious. Overpriced. Looks ugly too. boo.
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Overall 6

Love the design.. but...

Anonymous, Newegg
15 January 2016
  • Pros: Great design but buyer beware..
  • Cons: Length of Power Supply can be no longer than I think 220 mm.. I missed that part and purchase a rather long Power Supply and had to remove a bracket in order to be able the fit my EVGA Platinum Power Supply. Installation instructions were unclear.
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Overall 10

End of the World Case

Alexander T., Newegg
9 October 2015
  • Summary: What a beautiful case made by Thermaltake and BMW motor group. The case comes initially with a weight of 45lbs without any components. FedEx delivery man needed my help to take it off his van. Compartments are easily accessible and can be locked with key provided. No issues with overheating.
  • Pros: This case can withstand a lot of abuse. Can be bolted down to the floor for extra security. Good luck to anyone trying to steal this thing from you. Motherboard setup was the easiest that I have ever seen. The Mobo plate can be taken out and easily worked on without having to drag the PC case wit...
  • Cons: To be really nitpicky I wanted the black one.
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Overall 10

An amazing looking case!!!

Lrma K., Newegg
7 August 2015
  • Summary: An amazing looking case, that definitely will get you compliments. A bit pricey, but you see and feel the quality. Heavy, so don't expect to haul this thing to any LAN parties soon...
  • Pros: The obvious Pro is that the case looks insanely beautiful. The red lights really accent the whole thing. Expect lots of compliments with this thing.
  • Cons: This case is huge!!! it was way bigger than the pictures suggested. Also, it is very heavy. The awkward grab handle on top doesn't really help in transportation, but it is a sturdy handle.
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Overall 10

It's... a doozy

Kendall R., Newegg
18 July 2015
  • Summary: This is the perfect case for someone with unlimited disposable income or no self control whatsoever. Falling into the latter category, my wallet will feel this purchase for the rest of my life.
  • Pros: Everything works more or less the way you'd expect from a $1000 case. There are features I never knew could exist and it keeps everything cooler than I thought possible. Also it looks great.
  • Cons: **** me this is so expensive why did I buy it
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Overall 10

Very Nice Case

Vincent M., Newegg
19 April 2015
  • Pros: Wonderful design, Love the way it is laid out.
  • Cons: No HARD Drive Access LED that is one thing I do miss.
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Overall 8

It's Awesome, but know what you're getting into

Natural C., Newegg
5 January 2015
  • Summary: I knew what I was getting into when I bought this thing, so I'm quite content with giving it 4-eggs, but be weary of what it really is. As I said before, I do not own this Titanium Editions, just the first Black one (that's on the box).
  • Pros: Just so you know I DO NOT OWN THE TITANIUM EDITION, SIMPLY THE REGULAR BLACK/RED ONE. This review is for anyone contemplating this case, as the only difference between mine and this one is the color and price (mine was 800$). This thing is a monster, It weighs a ton, and looks astounding in any c...
  • Cons: The price to performance on this thing is horrid. As you may have noticed, things are compartmentalized. This case wasn't designed with cooling in mind, it was designed with heat-containment in mind. One part of the system can be boiling without it harming the other parts. This is how cars are de...
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Overall 8

Beautiful case

Todd L., Newegg
1 December 2014
  • Pros: It is a masterpiece. This case is absolutely beautiful and completes my setup for sure.
  • Cons: The hard drive bays, I can't say that they are "hot swappable". You still need to take the side panel off before you do anything and then to plug it in anywhere, another person would need to have the same case or just cords dangling. I was disappointed by this design, but it looks good!
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