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SuperMicro SC743TQ-865B-SQ
7.6 out of 10

SuperMicro SC743TQ-865B-SQ

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Overall 6

Power Supply Up in Smoke

Robert M., Newegg
20 June 2013
  • Pros: Well constructed & mechanically solid
  • Cons: Power supply went up in smoke after 7 months. One pays the extra money so things like this don't happen.
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Overall 8

2.5 months of good use

Anonymous, Newegg
16 March 2011
  • Summary: None of the cons were "gotchas," ultimately, but they were annoying nonetheless; however, having owned a couple Supermicro motherboards I have come to expect as much and was prepared (for example, the required special plate had been included with my X7DCA-L motherboard and so I just utilized it to...
  • Pros: Fits the non-standard size Supermicro X7DWA-N motherboard I use, lots of hard drive bays (I've got 10 HDs and a DVD-RW in it), larger UPS, quiet, cool (no overclocking), different color plastic used for the power button and also the USB front panel connectors and power button are at the top of th...
  • Cons: Requires a not-included special plate in order to secure the CPUs (you'll see it listed as an accessory on the Supermicro webpage for CSE-743TQ-865B-SQ), USB front panel connections 25% slower than my Supermicro CSE-733TQ-645B case (despite same motherboard), came with a detached piece of plastic...
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Overall 10

Case is awsome

Tim M., Newegg
21 August 2010
  • Summary: I have only 1 processor installed. When the six core xeon comes down in price i'll upgrade to a 2 processor six core setup. Currently have 12GB of DDR3. Lots of room for growth with this mobo/chassis combo.
  • Pros: This case is quiet. installed xeon 5620 with noctua heatsink/fan. Gskill ripsaw nonecc dimms. Need to install dimms 1st. Hot swap bay is very nice. power supply has enough juice on 12V to handle a GTX480. plus has the 6 pin and 8 pin PCIe power supply connectors. installed supermicro mobo X8DA3 w...
  • Cons: should come with 4 80mm fans
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Overall 10

So-So Purchase

James G., Newegg
2 February 2009
  • Summary: If you have a mobo that can cycle fans as needed, I suggest you get the other version of this 743 case - the one with 4 internal 80-90mm fans. That model isn't as loud as this one if the fans are running 30-40% speed.
  • Pros: Like all in this series from SuperMicro, it's a good case/PS/disk array combo. Got all the room you'll need for a XEON or AMD server system (you will need some longer cables - especially the floppy cable). PS is sized large enough for dual quads, lots of RAM and 8 HDs. The large rear fan should b...
  • Cons: The "Quiet" part of this case is the problem. There isn't enought airflow with the fans provided to keep even the low heat Opterons cool without the fans racing - LOUDLY. It comes with only 2 internal 80-90mm fans and 1 120mm (at the back). The case is built for 4 internal 80-90mm fans that are 1...
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Overall 8

Great case, but there are a few potential issues

STEPHEN S., Newegg
20 January 2009
  • Summary: Summary & Solutions: - For a modern Xeon based system, you REQUIRE active cooling for the FB-DIMMs (part #MCP-310-74301-0N is the basic Supermicro FB-DIMM duct and it sells for between $5 and $10).
  • Pros: - Quiet (when driven by a MB supporting automatic fan speed with 4-pin PWM). - Very solid case (over 60 lbs). - Very powerful PSU that includes 6.5A on 5Vsb and dual 8-pin 12V connectors (these are required for the Tyan S5397 MB I am using). - 8 hot swappable SAS/SATA drive bays (the backplane do...
  • Cons: - The biggest issue with this case is: If you plan to install a modern Xeon based setup, you REQUIRE an FB-DIMM air duct (or other active FB-DIMM cooling solution). - If you use a stock, active Intel CPU cooler, the overall cooling is a little on the borderline side of things (requiring the fans ...
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Overall 8

Great case for RAID

Joseph M., Newegg
18 January 2009
  • Summary: The air shroud mentioned in the manual does not come with the case (the manual makes this easy to misunderstand, though it's clearly optional from looking at SuperMicro's product specs). If you want the drive LEDs on the hotswap bays to light up, you need to use either I2C or SGPIO.
  • Pros: If you want to build your own server-class machine with a lot of storage, this case is great. The eight hot-swap drive slots are wonderful. The backplane they connect to supports SGPIO and I2C for integration with RAID controllers. The hot-swap carriers are compatible with the SuperMicro CSE-M35T...
  • Cons: My case didn't come with a printed manual (no big deal as PDFs are easy to find online). If you want to use all eight hot-swap bays, I highly recommend getting an extra 80mm fan, as the drives can run quite hot (I saw over 70C!) during full activity otherwise. I've managed to cut my fingers sever...
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Overall 10

Great case for workstation

Darren A., Newegg
28 August 2008
  • Summary: Used with: Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 OEM (get ethernet drivers from Intel website), SUPERMICRO MBD-X7DWA-N Dual LGA 771 Intel 5400 Extended ATX Server Motherboard, VisionTek 4870 (runs hot) video card, 8GB Crucial CT25672AF667, 2 Intel Xeon E5420 with active cooling heat sinks, SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1...
  • Pros: Real quiet provided your mother board has support for 4-pin PWM controlled fans. You have several selections in the BIOS to control fan speed: No Control full on - REALLY LOUD, Server, Workstation, Quiet and Super Quiet. I have it set to Quiet and the CPU/board temperatures have not really risen ...
  • Cons: It is a tight fit between the drive bays and where the hot swap fans are located. Just be patient and you can get it to fit.
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