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Silverstone TJ08-E
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Silverstone TJ08-E

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Overall 8

fun case

charles h., Newegg
20 July 2015
  • Summary: I love the case, have long thought about adding water cooling to it, but never moved forward partially because of the odd fan/needed radiator in front.
  • Pros: have enjoyed owning this case, like the heat sink rest you can use reduces load on the MB. whole case is easy to take apart so that installation of parts is easy.
  • Cons: modular power supplies are a bit crapped next to the optical drive mountings.... the included bottom bracket adapter always feels loose due to the psu venting out the top i thing a filter is needed there used a magenting 120 took care of the issue
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Overall 10

Well designed and laid out

Patrick M., Newegg
12 May 2015
  • Summary: I am building my 3rd PC since a 1995 disaster with windows 95 on 32 floppy disks. Each disk required 45 minutes of nursemaiding to get it added to the install. I never made it past the 2nd day. I put everything back into the box and returned it to Sxxs.
  • Pros: Well laid out, good instructions, decent build quality. I am still assembling the build but the screws all fit, and the directions are clear and easy to follow.
  • Cons: This is a big Micro Atx box. It is large enough to make it easy on my big hands. I am really looking forward to a new design for computers from the ground up. The basic layout has been the same for over 2 decades. It is time for a PC built like a stack of cell phones with fiber optic connections ...
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Overall 10

Best Case Ever

Danny B., Newegg
2 April 2015
  • Summary: best case I've bought, and I've bought at least 7 cases before this one. The case is super roomy for how small it is, just be efficient with your cable layout. I will probably use this case for a long time
  • Pros: +small but still roomy +excellent design +Aluminum/very lil plastic +2 USB 3.0
  • Cons: +USB in front is kind of loose after a years worth of use
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Overall 10

amazing airflow and design

David U., Newegg
6 March 2015
  • Summary: I just love this case.
  • Pros: Airflow: Just buy 1 exhaust fan to run at the same speed as the intake and you should achieve positive pressure and just amazing airflow. In one end, out the other, thats it. Management: Plenty of space for cables. Has a resting mount for the CPU fan.. Pritty cool.
  • Cons: My large graphics card doesnt really *rest* on the resting rubber piece they include. In fact its slightly bent. No big deal but not perfection. My Noctua double CPU fan just pushing the space to the limits. I cant fit more than 1 hard drive in the hard drive rack. Just about 1 milimeter of room.
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Overall 6

Quality for the most part

Allen D., Newegg
7 February 2015
  • Pros: Beautiful tower if you want a practical subdued look. Temps stay cool as stated. Was looking for a tower which would save me some space; this fits the job.
  • Cons: Fit is somewhat questionable(issue with the side panels specifically). The thumbscrews for the side panels are starting to strip. Bothers me since as I was originally planning on sticking to this case. Now considering an upgrade sometime down the road. I don't plan to open the case too often, but...
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Overall 10

Great Case for single GPU

Wesley A., Newegg
31 December 2014
  • Summary: Plenty of room for long video cards and large CPU coolers. Very good build quality. I upgrade components quite often, and open the case very often. Some cases get sloppy after a short time, but this one is still just as tight as when I bought it a year ago.
  • Pros: This is a great single GPU gaming case. From my experience it has been virtually silent as long as you keep the front filter clean and run the fan on low. I've used a GTX 780 Ti and a GTX 980, and they both have ran very cool at their OOB settings. Likewise I am running a 4770K with the stock coo...
  • Cons: None, when used for the right purpose.
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Overall 4

dead LED after 31 days

Ilya P., Newegg
4 December 2014
  • Pros: 1) Nice front finish, looks sharp 2) Small 3) some what good layout 4) super quiet front fan
  • Cons: 1) low quality manufacturing, coming from Lian-Li case this was shocking 2) there is a good reason that on cases with motherboard mounted upside down the power supply is on the bottom - some cables might be short. I had to buy a 8" extension for the 8 pin aux power connector 3) After 31 days the ...
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Overall 10

Packed With Features

Aaron A., Newegg
19 November 2014
  • Summary: This is an excellent case. I really can't describe it without venturing into superlatives. I should also point out that my praise is relative to the price point this case comes at, for $100 this case is top notch.
  • Pros: Dust Screens, one on the 180mm case fan and one above the opening for the power supply. Isolated power supply ventilation: standard power supplies will mount upside down at the top of the case allowing the power supply fan to pull in fresh air from the top of the case and exhaust hot air through ...
  • Cons: At the top/middle of the motherboard backplate there is a narrow small hole, I was able to squeeze 3 USB 2.0 header plugs through this hole and connect them to the motherboard. This was a painstaking process as the plugs had to be fed in one at a time and a lot of strain is placed on the cables a...
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Overall 10

Excellent mini-tower case

Charles C., Newegg
17 November 2014
  • Summary: Arrived in perfect condition, no scratches, all cables and supplies in order. Expect a little more assembly effort due to many screw types and a few tight spaces (It is a "mini" case after all!)
  • Pros: Nice quiet 180mm fan with good airflow. Good cable routing space behind motherboard. Lots of room for micro ATX build, and very clear manual complete with specific measurement limits. Space for one 2 1/2" SSD at bottom plus removable rack with padded edges for four hard drives. Room at top for tw...
  • Cons: Many different black on black screw types, requires concentration for assembly. Thread depth is on the short side, may limit number of rebuilds unless care is taken. Missing one mounting pin for a Gigabyte Z97M-D3H, but was easy to drill and tap a fix. No "snap in" parts used, everything is screw...
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Overall 8

Good quality case with a single large 180mm front-mounted postive-pressure fan

sptu "Steve", Amazon
25 August 2014
  • Summary: Just completed my first desktop build since assembling an early generation 386 unit years ago (yes I am that old). Selecting the processor and motherboard for the new desktop was less time consuming than selecting the case.
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