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Reviews and Problems with Sigma LUNA WB

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Overall 2


James C., Newegg
7 July 2011
  • Pros: Looks nice.
  • Cons: Opened it up right after I got it. As soon as I opened it, the front panel dropped out and I saved it before it hit the floor. I thought at first that it must have just came packaged separately, but at closer inspection, I saw that the bottom hinge was broken off. The hinges seem to be made of pl...
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Overall 6

Beautiful case but cheaply made

Anonymous, Newegg
16 July 2010
  • Summary: Still one of the best looking cases I've seen...shame they stopped making the Thermaltake Tsunami...
  • Pros: Sexy brushed aluminum that looks like a Monolith Tool-less drive bays pretty clever
  • Cons: Everything else...LOL CHEAP...and I mean like aluminum foil cheap with the exception of the front cover. A 2 year old could bend this Tool-less slot hold downs useless on 2 slot vid cards Blue LED on front could cause retinal damage it's so bright Hard drive light can't be seen without front cove...
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Overall 10

Great case!

Casey G., Newegg
3 July 2010
  • Summary: Aluminum case for 50$ is a great deal.
  • Pros: Sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, love the black inside! Lots of room for the Mobo, big ol' GPU and everything else with room to spare. Too less drive bays work great. And it's really sturdy.
  • Cons: The silver stickers had to be restuck on because they were falling off. That's it though.
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Overall 6


nikita A., Newegg
28 September 2009
  • Pros: Good paintjob, nice fan grills, fits all components without a problem
  • Cons: Came with a huge scratch on the front door. The side window was in scratches. The carton box was damaged. Took an extra day to be delivered.
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Overall 10

User Review

Daniel C., Newegg
1 June 2009
  • Summary: Great case. Looks are not that bad and fits everything I have installed. Clean looking install due to both sides coming off.
  • Pros: Lightweight. Both Sides come off which helps hide wires and install parts. Tool less design is great and also comes with hardware screws to give you the option to use them however I had no use other than the motherboard mounting ones. Comes with fans installed.
  • Cons: Front blue light is kind of bright. HDD slots are snug which make it feel like you're forcing it into the slot.
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Overall 6

Eh, good for the price

Dustin B., Newegg
26 March 2009
  • Summary: This is a sexy looking case. I just bought two new blue LED fans for it. One for the front of the case and one to replace the existing 120mm fan that came with it.
  • Pros: The price was not to bad.
  • Cons: The tool-less design is horrible. I broke one of the PLASTIC clips off installing my graphis card and another installing an addiotional USB 5 port bay.
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Overall 8

The systems couldn't keep up

Kevin L., Newegg
6 September 2008
  • Summary: Not really a con, maybe just personal taste, but the light in the front is kind of on the bright side. I know some people are into that fancy clear case and lights bull (I mainly got it because the price was right, not so much for the styling) but if this thing was in my bedroom I don't think I...
  • Pros: Extremely light weight. I was actually concerned that I was shipped an empty box before I opened it. The tool-less design is great, particularly for the PCI slots. The HDD was a little tricky to get into place, but it definitely isn't gonna go anywhere once you get it in there. Fit all my hardwar...
  • Cons: I'm a little concerned about the ventilation in the front of the case. They say there is room for another 120mm fan, but if you close the outside door, I can't see the airflow being very good. The HDD drive bay slots were a little snug, had to wrestle with it in order to get my HDD in place, but,...
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Overall 4

Good Starter Case

Joseph M., Newegg
1 August 2008
  • Summary: that is really myown fault. yes cons are extended to the other thoughts its that bad. front blue led was far to bright for a bedroom computer so i removed it and located it elseware for use as case lighting.
  • Pros: The Aluminum is vary easy to do case mods with. aka Vary easy to work with by means of cutting and bending.
  • Cons: Black finish easily scrapes. door is hindged on the wrong side. the screws to hold on the front cover do not go back in without a fistfight. pci slot covers are far too thin. the buttons and leds on the front are held in with hot glue and pop out as soon as you remove the front cover. and you hal...
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Overall 10

Sharp Case!

CARIBOU C., Newegg
3 July 2008
  • Summary: Overall I am pleased. The case looks really sharp. I changed the blue lighted stuff over to red, looks nicer. Front LED though was too well glued in to replace so that is still blue. And it is BRIGHT! The overall look though is great, bundled with a Saitek red illuminated keyboard.
  • Pros: Is a REALLY nice looking case. Completely made from aluminum, except for the front bezel behind the aluminum door, the clear side panel and the tool-less retainers. This one came with blue side 80mm fan, non-lighted rear 120mm fan. Front door is magnetic with soft rubber feet. Actually the door i...
  • Cons: Brush finish. For me it is a con, as it is easy to mark with dust and with your fingers. Not bad to clean though. To mount the front panel with a 120mm fan, you have to modify the case a bit to allow the fan to go into position. The case has the mounting holes for the fan, but not enough clearanc...
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Overall 6

I paid how much for this!?!

Anonymous, Newegg
24 June 2008
  • Summary: polystyrene has no place in a PC (all of the clips) the heat will make it brittle very shortly... This was my first all aluminum case, and very likely will be the last if this is the standard.
  • Pros: Decent airflow and it looks good...
  • Cons: When i first pulled this thing out of the case I almost stuffed it right back in, this case weighs about as much as the packaging! I went against by better judgment and opened it up - nearly cutting myself on the incredibly sharp front edges of the side panes( how much does it realy cost to debur...
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